12 Steps

Freedom from Addiction uses the 12 step program because it is proven to be one of the most effective ways to battle addiction.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol not only affects the individual, but has a severe impact on an individual’s family, including family, including spouses, children and other loved ones. The Freedom Family Program provides help and support to all family members affected by addiction.

Our 12 step program is based on a set of principles which clearly outlines a course of action for recovery from addiction and other behavioural problems.

Originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous, the method has now been adapted and has become the foundation of Freedom’s 12-step Program. The process involves the addict to admit that they have no control over their addiction and that a higher power can provide that power to live a sober life. The Program also calls for the appointment of a client sponsor, helping them navigate the healing elements of the 12-step program.