Freedom is one of Canada’s leading private alcohol and drug addiction recovery centres. A leader in recovery and treatment, has a host of superbly designed programs for youth, adults, families and employers. Our clients come from all walks of life, gender, age and industries. Our treatment and programs revolve around you – putting you first. With immediate 24/7 access, and is always open. Freedom is client-focused and provides a life changing experience using different kinds of therapies. We offer immediate assessment and admission.

Freedom is one of the few rehab centres in Canada that safely detoxes clients from Methadone and Suboxone dependency. We are innovators and leaders in this field. A successful record of accomplishment managing client’s drug cessation is the hallmark of our professional medical staff. With our experienced medical team, we are here to ensure your needs are met during your stay with us. We provide the best programs, detox and modalities, including our internationally known Emotional Recovery Program and Continuing Care Program. Recovery truly begins when you recognize your deep core issues. Freedom’s team will help you through this.

 Careful thought and consideration must go into your treatment centre selection. It will be a life-changing decision so you need to choose wisely. We’re confident that Freedom will lead to a life-enhancing experience. Our Centre’s experienced passionate team works personally with every individual on their road to recovery. Recovery at Freedom is not an accident.


"Freedom was an awesome, very welcoming place that helped me with my opiate addiction. Before coming in I really didn't see myself ever getting off methadone. Through their comfortable atmosphere and awesome doctor, I almost effortlessly came off methadone and began to mentally repair my life and the damage that I had done to it and the people around me. The counselors were all awesome and friendly. Such a comfortable almost worry free environment was perfect for me and I'm glad it was where I ended up, instead of on the streets. The program really helped me change and now that I have a clear head everything is a lot easier in life."