Awarness & Educations

Freedom works with clients in helping them to learn about addiction, themselves, underlying issues, and to lead happier lives.

As part of our group and one-on-one approaches, Freedom offers psycho-educational programs and therapy which are designed to educate clients about their addictions and/or behavioural issues. Freedom’s team teaches and discuss specific content using a variety of methods including the best in technology. In most cases an experienced counselor will facilitate discussion of the material presented.

The psycho-educational group therapy session, for instance, helps individuals with self-awareness, provides and suggests options for change, and lets our clients grow with understanding themselves to help on the journey to recovery.

Our approaches help prompt individuals using drugs and alcohol to take specific action too. Freedom’s education and awareness programs are structured and follow a pre-planned curriculum. The program leaders and counselors possess the experience, knowledge and skills in understanding basic group dynamics, interpersonal communication and basic teaching skills to ensure best positive results.