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Drug addiction has more adverse effects than what appear on the surface. It wreaks havoc on your personal relationships, financial losses, work/job loss and even leads to social reclusion. Addiction has turned many lives upside down. But, it’s never too late to take charge of your life. Get help from experienced drug rehab professionals to shun away drug abuse and get your life back.

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What Leads to Addiction?

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction affects our brain and hampers decision making severely. But what transforms a habit into a serious addiction? There are many factors that lead to drug addiction:

  • Family members with addiction History
  • Delinquent childhood
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Depression or any other mental health issue
  • Use of drug at young age – Peer Pressure

Treating Drug Addiction

People believe that overcoming drug addiction involves strong willpower and nothing else. But, sadly its not true! When people use drugs, over the time, they start developing the habit of having drugs regularly. Their craving tends to get stronger and they become totally dependent on drugs. This desire for drugs keeps on increasing with time and quitting becomes very difficult.

The body organs and functions start adapting themselves to the new drug. In such case, people need to seek help from drug recovery programs to get back to their normal life. A dedicated drug addiction programs provides more than just will power. Medication, fitness regime and nutritional aid all come together to create a wholesome environment for de-addiction.

Types of Drug Treatment Programs

Drug Addiction Treatment

  • Residential Treatment – Residential treatment lasts for 30 to 90 days. Our patients get full-service treatment during the day right at their homes. The patient remains at his/her residence and our professionals undertake drug de-addiction therapy at the residence itself.
  • In-House/Hospitalization – Our facility has serene settings for de-addiction where professionals monitor the health status of the people. The person stays at our facility for de-addiction, fitness training, nutritional program and more. Doctors provide proper medication to help normal health and mental fitness.
  • Outpatient Program – It’s not a live-in treatment program but requires considerable amount of time in our facility. This program requires 3 days a week and 2-4 hours a day of sitting. The primary concern of this program is relapse prevention.
  • Behavioral Counseling – Counseling helps in finding the root cause of drug use allowing us to provide the perfect solution. Behavioral, multidimensional therapy and motivational interviews are crucial parts of behavioral counseling that further encourage abstinence from drugs especially after methadone detox

We, at Freedom, strive to promote healthy programs that help you redeem your lifestyle, health, personal relations and focus on life. We provide serene and tidy environment to our patients. Our experienced professionals create a confident new you read to take on a new life.

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