Drug Detox – Come Addicted, Leave Sober

Drug Detox
At Freedom From Addiction, we provide a safe environment for effective detox from drugs. Our Toronto drug detox programs work against major drugs including marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, or any other drug. Holistic drug detox approach removes the toxins/chemicals from body and helps pave way for further treatment.

Inside the serene grounds at Freedom From Addiction, you’ll discover the most comprehensive drug addiction treatment program in the world. We welcome every new entrant with one goal – a holistic drug-detox approach allowing every client to achieve sobriety and discover new meaning to life. Our team of doctors, therapists, physical trainers, psychologists, nurses and counselors, ensure success right from the day you check in.

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Unique Personalized Addiction Treatment

For more than 50 years, de-addiction industry has used group meetings as a standard treatment. Freedom From Addiction’s views are unique! We believe personalized one-on-one therapy sessions are more effective. Our dedicated team of therapists, doctors and nurses make sure you get the finest care available.

We get to the Root Cause – What Drives you to Use Drugs? Then Begins Our Holistic Healing Process.

Why Drug Detox ?

Drug detox is a necessary step in the recovery process. It is during this phase of treatment that the individual’s body is rid of toxins/drugs to allow the body to experience life without such substances. Withdrawal symptoms resulting from drug detox can be difficult to handle. They could be severe enough to warrant the need for medical treatment. Freedom From Addiction’s medical team provides 24X7 supervision for safe drug detox.

Drug Detoxification Steps

  • Assessment- An effective treatment plan begins with proper examination. It includes health exam, severity of drug use, psychological and physical examination.
  • Detoxification- Here client is kept completely off the drugs. Suitable mediation accompanies simple diet. This helps the body accustom to the initial drug-free days.
  • Stabilization- Stabilization is crucial in detox process since it involves treating drug withdrawal symptoms. Appropriate medication is continued along with counseling to attain a drug-free body.
  • Advance Detox- Most detox patients avoid continued detoxification. This often leads to relapse since some people require lengthy detox program to achieve success. For true abstinence, we recommend advance detox.

Drug Detox Medication

Medications for drug detox is a realm of apprehensions. However, they carry high importance in the whole detox program especially during the withdrawal phase. We employ only medically tested and approved medication drug detox. These help cut the craving, carry minimal side-effects and have no long-term dependency issues.

Why Choose Freedom From Addiction?

We, at Freedom From Addiction, render effective drug detox programs with a unique approach. The goal is to help break the chains of addiction and resume a normal life. Our professionals understand that two people differ in their addiction and thus provide customized drug rehab treatment accordingly. That’s the reason why our drug detox centre gets positive reviews both from former clients and community in general.

Our programs give a strong focus on 1-on-1 therapy. Unlike other drug rehab centres in Ontario offering unfruitful group meetings, we concentrate more on personalized 1-on-1 therapy sessions.

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