People generally get acquainted with drugs and alcohol because of their peers or thier lifestyle. It looks exciting in the beginning and the ‘kick’ one receives from doing them can give a unique adrenaline rush. However, what starts with a ‘try’ turns into a ‘habit’ and ends up destroying the life of not just the addict but of his/her close ones too.

We, at Freedom from Addiction, understand this problem inside-out and therefore operate one of the best drug recovery homes in Vaughan. Our medical practices are governed by experienced medical professionals who have ample knowledge in dealing with such patients.

Medical Detox

At Freedom from Addiction, our medical detoxification programs are aimed in cleaning and removing all sort of harmful drugs present inside our client’s body. This is done by administering them with medications help them to stay at ease during the withdrawal symptoms. Our de-addiction facility in Vaughan can provide medical detoxification to various addictives like:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Opiates like Heroin, Methadone etc.
  3. Sedatives like Librium, Valium etc.
  4. Marijuana
  5. Methamphetamine
  6. Cocaine
  7. Other club drugs.

Our Various Services

  • Rehabilitation – Medical services from experienced staff to help our patients survive withdrawal symptoms without any pain and distress.
  • Intervention – Understanding the problems and situations of our clients helps us to intervene in their problems and find solutions for them.
  • Counselling – Clients depressed by certain events in their life can find solace from our counselling services that aim in giving them relief.
  • Therapy – Cognitive behaviour therapies from our experts help individuals resolve their emotional and behavioural problems with ease.
  • Health Advisory – Apart from providing warm, home-cooked meals to our patients, we also believe in providing them advice on their diet.
  • Awareness – Our experts provide awareness regarding the various aspects of alcohol and drug usage and what harm it brings to their body.

Why We are Vaughan’s Trusted?

Becoming the best de-addiction centre in Vaughan wasn’t easy; however, we have earned that status because of several factors. Our clean, sanitized environment makes sure our patients stay safe and away from any sort of diseases. Apart from that, we have the most trained and experienced medical staff which is competent enough to handle all adverse situations. Leaving an addictive substance has an impact on the person’s mental capabilities.

We understand that and that’s where our counsellors and life skill advisors come into action and make everything easy on the psychological front for the patient. We try to deal with every patient in a different way depending upon their problem and situation which ultimately helps us to treat the person better.

At Freedom from Addiction, our mission is to eradicate the menace of addiction from the very roots of our society and for that we are doing are bit. If your loved one is an addict of alcohol or any substance, then feel free to call us anytime. Our experts can provide you the much needed assistance 24/7.