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 Drug Rehab

Freedom from Addiction drug rehab centre in Toronto is an exclusive rehab facility specializing in drug and substance abuse treatment. We believe that lasting healing happens when a will to get sober meets the right rehabilitation team. Customized and individualized treatment along with effective solutions is our focus. We want you and your loved ones live a productive and joyous life you deserve.

Our drug addiction rehab centre offers detox to treat numerous drug addictions including:

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Our Philosophy

We know there are many choices when it comes to selecting the perfect drug rehab centre in Toronto and GTA. But we are also confident that you will never find a place offering a better approach to drug addiction treatment then ours. Our unique approach along with potent tools/amenities makes successful healing an everyday phenomenon.

Our renowned drug rehab centre has helped many patients break the shackles of drug addiction to come out clean and lead a happy life. Most drug rehabilitation centres in Canada offer ineffective group meetings or forceful outdated approaches. Most addicts have a horrible experience in rehab centres often resulting in relapse.

No Large Motivational Groups or Crowded Classrooms. We Focus on Individual Therapy.

Freedom from Addiction does not believe in breaking down the addict using harsh methods. Instead, our endeavor is to build back your life piece by piece through constant support, medication and therapy. The moment you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by friendly people. Holistic approach coupled with expert medical supervision shows you the right path in life.

Drug Abuse and Its Underlying Causes

Research across many drug rehab centres in Canada has evidenced that drug abuse is the result of underlying psychological and emotional issues.

  • Unstable home environment
  • Peer Pressure or drug groups
  • Poor family relationships with parents/siblings
  • Behavioral problems and permissive attitude
  • Poor achievement in work, studies or life in general
  • Easy Availability of drugs in friend circle

Drugs and other intoxicating substances are often used to suppress or alleviate the suffering/pain in the life. At Freedom from Addiction, we resolve these fundamental issues to achieve lasting recovery.

Our Approach

When you walk in through our doors, you become a part of our philosophy. We understand and honor you as an individual. Our team works not only on your body but on your mind, soul and spiritual healing as well. Even your loved one’s and family are a part of the treatment. Our drug addiction counseling goes beyond mere promises.

  • In-House Treatment Program
  • Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Program
  • Individualized Counseling
  • Residential Treatment

Our step wise approach is as follows:

  • Analyze the individual – physically and psychologically
  • Identify the underlying causes of drug abuse
  • Undertake drug detox and educate on addiction
  • Enhance motivation and change thoughts/behavior
  • Teach stress tolerance and other life coping skills
  • Enroll in fitness programs
  • Repair relationships
  • Impart skills to prevent relapse
  • Offer constant support

Freedom from Addiction – The Successful Healing Key

You will know that we are by your side from the very first day itself. Most importantly, patients will not experience a power struggle between them and the staff members. Rather, there will be a positive team effort to help you sail through this difficult time in your life. Making your drug addiction treatment a hope-filled experience with positive end result is what we strive for day after day.

No Bulk Treatment. Experience Boutique Approach to Drug Addiction Treatment.

At our drug rehab centre, you achieve healing through a highly dedicated staff comprising doctors, nurses and seasoned counselors. Our boutique treatment focuses on you individually. Clients get comfortable residences in serene settings and experience 1-on-1 therapy sessions. And no cliches intended, our results have been miraculous.

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