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Intensive Individual Counselling Toronto

We put you first, as a client-focused centre because person-centred therapy is Freedom’s core philosophical treatment approach. Unlike many treatment centres, we focus on one-on-one with more than 4 individual sessions a week. Addiction is a serious problem and substance abuse appears in many different ways. Alcoholics, for example, face different challenges than those addicted to prescription drugs, cocaine or meth.

Freedom believes that substance abuse varies from one addict to the next and for counselling and counsellors to be truly effective they must tailor their treatments to address all groups. We use both clinical philosophies and a series of modalities.

All of Freedom’s counsellors are active in a client’s journey to recovery. Counsellors understand what every client is going through, as they too, at some stage of their lives, have battled or been an active part of addiction.

Freedom’s counsellors will not judge clients, instead, they will be the lead through the Freedom example. Freedom has a wide range of counselors, and we take careful measures to ensure that you are matched with the right one.

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