Dear Freedom,
I truly gave Freedom my heart from the start. As a result I was rewarded and blissed with the 12 steps, their holistic approach, group sessions and one on one’s with me changed not over how I thought, but how I thought I saw myself. I now know my addiction is separate from me…yet I am sick…emotionally handicapped one might say… but alive! I love life and intend on being here and present for a very, very long time.
I love my Freedom family


Being brought up in the Indian culture Freedom was very good to comfort me and help me with my fear and drinking poison. And put me back on the right track with my high spirit.

Thank You Freedom!

My name is Ricky Golby. When I came into Freedom I was a broken man. Full of guilt and shame. I was addicted to all drugs, always of doing them and alcohol. I was scared and full of anxiety. Scared of the detox especially. However, I met with nurses and doctors. Even spoke with other clients. Me detox went much better than expected with the needs provide. There was always a nurse or counselors and other than a few bad days to battle through I was able to attend the program portion of the curriculum. I will say I did the work and worked hard in groups that helped me to get rid myself of the guilt and shame in my heart, love myself again during my 1 on 1’s with counselors. It wasn’t always as easy stay but my time here saved my family and my life. If I can do it so can you. Make today the day you decide and save your life.

Thank-You Freedom!

Ricky Golby

You have saved my soul, my spirit is strong and my mind is free of the obsession which used to control my life. I thank you so much you have given not just sobriety but my life family and a chance to be good human being. You are and always will be called my family. This is my home and thank-you for sharing it with me. I love you all and now know why this place I call have is actually called Freedom.
I am free. Truly free to choose my own path my own life and not just exist. I love you all and thank you so much.


Freedom is an amazing place to grow. You are never alone. You don’t have to worry as suffer through withdrawal. The staff are very dedicated and well educated. Many have suffered through addictions themselves. So you never need to feel as if you’re being judged. If you are really willing Freedom will help you over com any addiction and lead you into sobriety with the knowledge you need to move forward and maintain a happy, healthy life.

Thank you Freedom.

I came into “Freedom From Addictions” a very weak and dying drug addict. I have learned so much about myself. I believe my life of drug abuse has been forever changed…as I walk out of this sanctuary I know that my idea of life has been corrected and that no degrading event will ever bring me to drug abuse again. I finally understand why I used substances, and that lost causes of my addiction. There is no value to what Freedom has done for me. I believe this program to be priceless. And one of the best treatment centers in Canada. July 2014

Thank you, “Freedom”

Garrette Stinpson

I was at two other rehab facilities and was not very successful. The difference with Freedom is the one on one counseling you receive. It is a rehab that make you feel like home as much as possible. It has been a very positive experience for me. The lesson on life issues are ones that anyone would benefit from.
Thank you


Freedom from addiction was my first and hopefully last treatment center. I have been to, the job these people do is extraordinary helpful and a must to your new life. They allow you to work at the place and give you all the tools you will need for life a changing experience. I highly recommend this treatment center to anyone who is still suffering and thinking about getting help you won’t be disappointed and if so that is because you don’t want the change not because they don’t here.

The name “Freedom” give you a good idea of the serenity and peace being here gives you. A place for the spiritual sick and for those whom have lost their self to find “Freedom” in life again. My journey into life has begun here and will continue, always keeping in mind that “Freedom” was my first stone in my path to finding myself and God.

I came to Freedom as a functioning alcoholic who have been drinking for 20 years. Through their groups, one on one meeting, AA, NA & CA meetings, I have learned what it takes to be sober & to maintain said sobriety with an excellent staff including the counselors, nurses, chefs and house staff, I and the other clients (my new extended family) have learned the tools for a lifetime of sobriety and happiness.

Thanks for a new beginning, Freedom


Freedom has gives me my life back in a huge way and I cannot be thankful enough. All the staff and nurses are running a great center, and genuinely care about the clients and staff get along great with one another. The amount of tools I have now to continue being sober is a priceless thing, and a forever grateful. Thanks Freedom for my freedom back!

The staff are all great people they genuinely care about each person there not just here for the many they actually like what they do. This place gave me my life back.
The staff here as well as the clients made my stay here awesome. You guys have an awesome team here and should keep them for as long as you can.
Works can’t describe how great the staff here is.

Thanks to Freedom from addiction for giving me my life back. I arrived in pain and with little hope, and left with promise, courage and peace. The staff are all incredibly knowledgeable, caring and compassionate.

Thank Freedom


I joined myself again! With the help of the amazing nursing team Dr. Gupta and all the counselors, I was able to grow into the person I needed to be. I gained so many people to call my friends and family here and I am forever grateful and blessed! The tools and knowledge I have gained are vital and priceless to my bright future. Everything has changed for the better and my family is just as thrilled as I am for such an amazing gift and opportunity.

Thank you with all of my heart for each and every person at Freedom!