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"Freedom From Addiction has been a blessing of a place and is considered my first home. I was reborn here. If you're looking for a place to go get treatment, this is absolutely the best place to be. They taught me that I can live a life of sobriety and experience feelings of happiness and joy in life."


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Our Frontline Support Program

Addiction Treatment at zero cost for select Frontline Workers in Ontario

Freedom From Addiction aims to:

  • Raise awareness around mental health in the frontline worker community throughout the pandemic
  • Highlight accessibility issues for those looking at addiction and mental health treatment in Ontario
  • Continue to support our most indispensable workers moving forward.
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Our Frontline Support Program

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    treatment programs

    Drug Addiction Treatment Toronto
    Drug Rehabilitation

    Freedom From Addiction is one of the most trusted drug addiction rehabilitation facilities in Toronto.

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    Alcohol Addiction Treatment Toronto
    Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

    At Freedom From Addiction, we take pride in offering one of the most effective and comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment centres in Toronto.

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    Mental health programs Toronto
    Mental Health Counselling

    One of the biggest contributing factors to addiction is mental health and the way in which thought patterns can reinforce the cycle of addiction.

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    Recovery programs Toronto
    Addiction Recovery Programs

    Freedom From Addiction offers a comprehensive range of recovery programs for all of our clients.

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    Medical Detox
    Medical Detox

    Medical detox is vital in the path to recovery. People who are addicted should undergo a detox or detoxification process before commencing with the treatment plan process, in which the drugs or alcohol are removed from the body through medication or organic procedures.

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