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12 Step Program Toronto

Freedom Addiction uses the 12 step program because it is proven to be one of the most effective ways to battle addiction. Our 12 step program is based on a set of principles that clearly outlines a course of action for recovery from addiction and other behavioural problems. 

The process involves the addict admitting that they have no control over their addiction and that a higher power can provide the desire and motivation to live a sober life. The program also calls for the appointment of a client sponsor, helping them navigate the healing elements of the 12 Step Program.    

One of the most effective and well-known methods for treating addiction, dependence, and compulsive behaviour is the 12 Step Program. This process allows for a complete breakdown and analysis of the root causes behind addiction, coming to accept the realities of the situation, and then providing constructive tools to help build an addiction-free life moving forward. At Freedom From Addiction, our dedicated team focuses on providing a supportive and caring atmosphere during the 12 Step Program to give our clients the best chance possible at leading clean and sober lives.

12 step program Toronto

What is the 12 Step Program?

The 12 Step Program is one of the most widely used treatments for a range of addictions and compulsive behaviours. First introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in 1935, the program was created to help the growing number of AA chapters across the US to relate and engage with one another on common ground during their struggle with alcoholism.

The program was then adapted for use across many different support groups fighting different addictive behaviours, such as Crystal Meth Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. While the original 12 Step Program contained strong Christian themes as central tenants of the technique, modern interpretations remove explicit references to religious themes and focus more on spiritual and philosophical ideals.

At Freedom From Addiction, we've adapted AA's method as the foundation of our own 12 Step Program.

How does the 12 Step Program Work?

As the name suggests, the 12 Step Program involves 12 clearly defined steps to be followed during the road to recovery from any form of addiction or compulsive behaviour. These fall into six main categories:


The first step in the process is acknowledging that one cannot control one’s addiction or compulsion and that life has become unmanageable. This is key in coming to terms with the reality of the situation and accepting that help must be sought in order to truly heal.

Recognizing a higher power can provide strength

The next phase of the process involves recognizing that there exists a power greater than ourselves that can help support us through our journey. This does not necessarily have to be a defined religious entity - it can be more of a spiritual ideal or a philosophical concept that we are all bound together as humans that can receive support from the greater good.

Examining past errors

Taking an honest look at past errors, mistakes, and transgressions with the support of a sponsor is the next stage of the program. This can be one of the most challenging but ultimately rewarding parts of the 12 Step Program, as it forces introspection and taking of a moral inventory.

Making amends

Once all past mistakes have been identified and accepted, it is time to begin making amends. This step involves reaching out to those who have been hurt by one’s addiction or compulsive behaviour, apologizing, and making an effort to right any wrongs that have been committed. This is an excellent opportunity to mend broken relationships and re-establish support networks that will be crucial to continuing down the road to sobriety.

Learning to lead a new life

Now that all of the skills and tools have been communicated to the former addict, their next task is to learn to integrate these lessons into a new, addiction-free life. This is the stage where the risk of relapse is the highest, as experiencing a paradigm shift in how one approaches life is not an easy undertaking.

Helping others who are experiencing the same addiction

The final stage of the 12 Step Program is passing on the lessons learned to others struggling with the same addictions and compulsions you previously faced. This can be a deeply fulfilling aspect of the program, as it allows you to help someone who is struggling just as you have struggled.

Who can benefit from the 12 Step Program?

The 12 Step Program is highly translatable across multiple different addictions, compulsions, and obsessive behaviours. This means that anyone experiencing unhealthy habits and dependencies can benefit from the program.

The 12 Step Program focuses less on the specific details of any given addiction and more on how we manage our emotions, react to situations, and take responsibility for our actions. This framework of a more holistic approach to general addiction and compulsive behaviours allows the program to be accessed by a wider variety of people and benefits many different cases.

12 Step Program at Freedom From Addiction

At Freedom From Addiction, we have adapted the 12 Step Program to benefit the largest number of people, while still addressing specific needs within each addiction. Our dedicated and highly experienced staff will help guide our clients through every step, from accepting their dependence to encouraging them to help others who were in their position.

Our state-of-the-art addiction treatment centre in Toronto offers both residential and in-house treatment options. This gives clients complete flexibility in how they would like to experience their healing journey, as well as providing the support they need at every corner. We offer supervised medical detox facilities to assist with withdrawal periods, as well as semi-private modern living quarters.

All rooms have wash-up facilities and flat-screen TV access. Each day dawns at Freedom with the assurance each client will be furnished with the greatest opportunity to successfully recover from their addiction. Daily programming includes a series of therapies, activities and exercises tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients. As the day concludes and normal programming winds down, clients are sat-down to an exquisitely prepared dinner, where they may catch up with their peers and plan the night's activities.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable space to recover from your addiction, look no further than Freedom From Addiction. Our residential addiction treatment is the leading drug and alcohol recovery centre in Ontario, having achieved Qmentum accreditation status with commendation from Accreditation Canada. Contact us today and start your journey to sobriety.

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