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As part of our commitment to improving our services every day, we are proud to have met the high standards necessary to receive accreditation from Accreditation Canada with commendation. Receiving Exemplary Standing accreditation from Accreditation Canada involves meeting strict guidelines and client service quality.

By implementing best practice programs according to the recommendations from Health Standards Organization (HSO), Freedom From Addiction can guarantee our clients the best level of care and support available for their journey to sobriety.

What is Accreditation?

Freedom From Addiction values our clients’ safety, health and happiness above all else. This is why we put the utmost care into ensuring our services are of the highest quality, which is reflected in our accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada.

The accreditation process involves an in-depth analysis of on-site programs, services, client interactions and more. Once Accreditation Canada has performed a full assessment of the facility, the results are compared to best-in-class standards as set out by HSO. Any recommended improvements are to be implemented within a reasonable time frame, and once the standards have been met, accreditation is awarded.

The accreditation standards are constantly being updated to meet the strictest levels of excellence in the industry, so clients can be confident they are receiving the best available care.

Our Accreditation

Freedom From Addiction is passionate about providing exceptional care for our clients, which has been recognized by Accreditation Canada and has been accredited with Exemplary Standing.

Accreditation Canada's accreditation program is a locally-focused Canadian-centric platform that assesses Canadian health centres on over 100 tailored standards. A team of local surveyors and healthcare professionals have thoroughly inspected our facilities and programs and have granted us this prestigious accreditation.

Very few drugs and alcohol addiction centres are accredited with Exemplary Standing, making Freedom From Addiction a health centre in a class of its own. We take our commitment to excellence seriously and make it our top priority to always meet and exceed the standards set out by Accreditation Canada.

Due to our dedication to always outperforming industry standards, our services, processes, facilities and staff have all met the highest standards of quality and safety set out by Accreditation Canada and their accreditation program. Our clients can have peace of mind that they are getting the highest quality care in an environment that fosters recovery and healing.

Freedom has worked hard to meet all criteria in the following categories in order to achieve accreditation with Exemplary Standing:

  • Planning and Service Design: Developing and implementing infrastructure, programs, and services to meet the needs of the populations and communities served.
  • Resource Management: Monitoring, administering, and integrating activities related to the allocation and use of resources.
  • Human Capital: Developing the human resource capacity to deliver safe, high-quality services.
  • Integrated Quality Management: Using a proactive, systematic, and ongoing process to manage and integrate quality and achieve organizational goals and objectives.
  • Principle-based Care and Decision Making: Identifying and making decisions about ethical dilemmas and problems.
  • Communication: Communicating effectively at all levels of the organization and with external stakeholders.
  • Physical Environment: Providing appropriate and safe structures and facilities to achieve the organization's mission, vision, and goals.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Planning for and managing emergencies, disasters, or other aspects of public safety.
  • People-Centred Care: Working with clients and their families to plan and provide care that is respectful, compassionate, culturally safe, and competent, and to see that this care is continuously improved upon.
  • Patient Flow: Assessing the smooth and timely movement of clients and families through service settings.
  • Medical Devices and Equipment: Obtaining and maintaining machinery and technologies used to diagnose and treat health problems.

To learn more about Accreditation Canada and how it impacts your care, head to their website here.

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