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Alcohol Rehab Toronto

The Leading Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centre In Toronto

Need help with alcohol addiction in Toronto, Ontario? Freedom From Addiction is a leading alcohol rehab centre based in Toronto offering help to alcoholics. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of individuals discover an alcohol-free, sober life. Whether it’s residential treatment or in-house addiction treatment, we have got you covered.

Alcohol Addiction Ruins Lives

Alcohol Addiction - Freedom from Addiction

Alcohol is the most widespread intoxicant in the world. It is available freely and has killed more people throughout the world than hard drugs like cocaine and heroin combined. As alcohol is a socially acceptable drug, it is incredibly easy to develop a dependence and addiction without noticing.

While its effects are generally not as severe as some drugs like methamphetamine or fentanyl, it can still be incredibly damaging to both mental and physical health. Alcohol is more addictive than benzodiazepines and amphetamines, however, alcohol addiction is treatable. We have seen people emerge from alcoholism successfully and turn their lives around countless times, it just requires commitment, support, and dedication.

Why Do People Get Addicted To Alcohol?

Alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction with a lot of misconceptions. It is a result of many factors.

Alcohol is legal in almost every country in the world and is one of the most socially acceptable forms of drug-taking. It acts on the reward pathway of the brain by interacting with the neurotransmitter, GABA. This triggers opiate receptors in the brain, which result in feelings of relaxation, decreased inhibition, and euphoria. Alcohol can increase the concentration of GABA in the brain’s reward pathway by up to 360%, making it extremely addictive with sustained use.

Alcohol’s ability to promote relaxation and happiness makes it a preferred escape for people dealing with stress, pressure, or anxiety in their everyday lives. Many people turn to alcohol when they are unhappy in their jobs, relationships, or family situations. Alcohol can also be used to self medicate for certain mental health conditions, which can compound the issues and make them even worse.

Whether its peer pressure or strained family relationships, alcoholism can quickly manifest into a serious concern. The friends and family of the addict are often embroiled into the addiction. The alcoholic doesn’t always understand the suffering caused by addiction. Alcoholics often realize too late that their relationships have been ruined and taken over by alcohol. If you are noticing that everything in your life is coming second to the bottle, it is time to seek expert alcohol rehab in Toronto.

Our Approach To Alcohol Rehab

At Freedom From Addiction, we have a client-centred approach to alcohol rehab that embraces privacy and individuality. Our staff carries a non-judgmental attitude and we foster a respectful and supportive environment. All this bolsters hope and brings forth the trust required to emerge out of addiction. Our state of the art facility offers a range of alcohol rehab treatment programs, including:

Proven procedures and treatments are at the core of our alcohol rehab treatment. Our team-based, collaborative and professional approach helps clients enjoy their stay at our facility. Every client’s primary support system, including immediate family and friends, are included in the process to deliver a full continuum of care. By combining licensed medical and psychological help with the support of loved ones, our alcohol rehab programs have seen exceptional success.

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare Program

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare Program - Freedom from Addiction

Research shows that even the best treatment can fail if not followed by an effective aftercare program. Our aim is to provide every client with a successful recovery program that goes beyond the 2-3 weeks you spend at our facility. We help you with the transition back into normal life. Our comprehensive aftercare program helps you cope better with the complications arising after the treatment. When you have the support of expert counsellors, the risk of relapsing can be minimized dramatically.

Relapse Support & Prevention

At Freedom from Addiction, we understand that alcohol addicts are more prone to relapse due to the widely available nature of the drug. Alcohol usage is so ingrained into our lives that relapse is common. But with the right support and encouragement, permanent addiction recovery is entirely possible. We do not consider relapse a blemish on the person’s recovery attempts. In fact, this pushes us to try harder and provide you with more individualized help until you are back on the path to recovery.

Why Choose Freedom from Addiction Alcohol Rehab

  • Specialized and client-centred treatment programs
  • A safe and caring environment
  • Addiction education and counselling sessions
  • Develop new communication skills
  • A multi-disciplinary team of specialists
  • 24-hour medical care
  • Facility with modern amenities
  • Sober Living Solutions
  • High success rates



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