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Alcohol Rehab Toronto

At Freedom From Addiction, we take pride in offering one of the most effective and comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment centres in the GTA. Our person-centric approach combines well-established techniques such as the 12 Step Program, with innovative new therapies designed to complement each other and give every client the tools they need to take back control of their lives.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction continues to be one of the most devastating forms of addiction in every society. At Freedom From Addiction, we offer fully medically supervised detox that provides clients with a comfortable and safe environment as they undergo the often unpleasant experience of alcohol cessation. Upon the completion of detox, our highly experienced counsellors and therapists work with clients to help identify the origins and influences of their addiction. Clients are taught relapse prevention techniques to maintain therapeutic success and sobriety outside of the program.

12 Step Program

As one of the most effective and widely used programs for treating alcohol addiction, the 12 Step Program is used extensively at Freedom From Addiction. This well-researched treatment involves clearly defined and structured steps to achieving sustainable sobriety, and helps clients to form close social relationships with others going through the same experience. With the help of highly trained professionals and a safe and caring environment, our clients have demonstrated huge success in leading alcohol-free lives.

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Read what patients have to say about Freedom Addiction

I came in hopeless because everything i did to try and fix my addiction and the roots of the addiction didn't work. within days, the incredible staff changed my perspective. With an open mind and willingness to use the incredible resources at Freedom, I quickly became a believer in the program and most importantly in myself. The hopeless feeling quickly turned into a feeling of hope. With every session, every exercise, every meal and every 24 hours that would go by, I could finally lay my head on my pillow at night and be grateful for everything in my life because it's been years since I could go to sleep this happy....and sober. "Many hands make light work". I couldn't do it alone and Freedom provided me every hand possible to rebuild myself

Reviewer: Marc Zanette


5 out of 5 stars

Freedom From Addiction really saved my life! I have battled with addiction for 20 years with a few long periods of sobriety. I have gone to 6 other treatment centers in that 20 years but coming to Freedom wasn't like any other treatment center I have been to. Their staff and 1 on 1 counsellors are well informed in the field of addiction. They help to understand my own addiction and myself fully so I can move forward living the best possible life; Happy, healthy, clean and sober. I look forward to my new life that Freedom has given me.

Reviewer: Jenna Lackie


5 out of 5 stars

Freedom From Addiction has been the best experience for my healing and recovery from addiction. The home environment, trainer in the gym, and amazing Chefs made it an absolute pleasure everyday. The counsellors and staff are outstanding with their insights, passion, and care for me as a client which helped me to look at the things that keep taking me back to active addiction. I will be forever grateful. I wish all the clients, and future clients the best on their journey.

Reviewer: Renee Tookenay


5 out of 5 stars

Read what Patients have to say about Freedom Addiction