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Anger Management Toronto

Many people struggle with controlling their anger, but some people’s anger has gotten out of control and is starting to negatively impact their lives. This can lead to damaged relationships, professional embarrassment, and even legal issues. Learning to control and manage anger is a key skill in leading a happy and healthy life, not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well. Freedom From Addiction offers a comprehensive anger management therapy program that helps provide the tools necessary to keep anger in check and diffuse internal tension to avoid excessive anger.

Anger Management Toronto

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic practice of diffusing and preventing anger from impacting one’s daily life. There are many causes of anger, ranging from feelings of frustration to fear and inadequacy. Every individual will have unique triggers behind their anger, but the techniques for managing that anger are actually very translatable across different scenarios.

Life is full of many things that can result in feelings of anger, such as fatigue, sexual frustration, loss of a loved one, pain (physical or emotional), withdrawal from drugs or alcohol and much, much more. Unhandled anger can even lead to many physical and mental health problems including headaches, hypertension, stroke, insomnia, depression, substance abuse and self-injury. Thus, an effective anger management course can help alleviate many different symptoms and help clients grow and improve their lives.

How does Anger Management Work?

There are several different approaches to anger management that can be successful with a range of different clients.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

One of the most popular and effective methods of anger management therapy is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This technique involves focusing the client on making positive changes to their behaviour through opening up about their emotions and assessing the true triggers behind their anger.

Individual & Group Counselling

Psychotherapeutic counselling is also effective in helping to determine the underlying causes of anger and help address them. This can be done in a group setting, where individuals experiencing the same issues can open up and share their experiences with others. It can also be a more intimate private session, where more personal matters can be delved into and specific situations can be addressed.

Positive Mentalization

Mentalization is the process of being aware and cognizant of one’s mental state and objectively analyse the emotions we are currently feeling. Positive mentalization aims to use this introspection to positively influence our emotions through a variety of tools that can change the way we deal with certain situations.

Who can benefit from Anger Management?

Anger is a universal emotion that rears its head in a wide range of different situations. Anyone is able to feel anger, and when this anger gets out of control, anger management is an ideal way to moderate and prevent future outbursts. This makes anger management beneficial for anyone who feels like they cannot control their anger and it is starting to impact their lives.

Anger can also be a side effect of addiction or withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, which can compound issues associated with compulsive behaviour. In these situations, comprehensive addiction treatment combined with anger management therapy can help regain control of one’s life and help them on the way to a happy, sober future.

Anger Management at Freedom From Addiction

Freedom From Addiction’s anger management program is designed to reduce or eliminate the feeling and trigger points which lead to anger. Our team of professionals help establish a cognitive behaviour therapy program for individuals which help manage a client’s anger.

Freedom From Addiction employs other counseling methods which help explore the issues which bring about anger in the first place. We look at anger, help clients recognize it and deal with it in an appropriate manner. Problem solving around anger issues and emergencies round out the focus of this therapy.

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