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Aurora Recovery Centre

Acknowledging you need help when struggling with addiction is a courageous step toward healing. While searching for the nearest Aurora recovery centre is easy, ensuring you receive the right kind of support is crucial.

At Freedom From Addiction, your journey to recovery begins here. Our experts are dedicated to providing Aurora residents with addiction services. We employ a trauma-informed care approach, guaranteeing our patients, their families, and loved ones receive the proper support they need. Don’t just head to the closest Aurora treatment centre. Instead, get a team that will guide you through your recovery journey.

We’re a World-class Rehab Centre Located in Aurora, Ontario

The road to recovery starts with Freedom from Addiction

The dedicated team at our Aurora rehab centre helps clients achieve sobriety in a comfortable and supportive environment. The services we offer include alcohol and drug addiction treatment, withdrawal management, medical detox, intervention services, counselling, relapse prevention, diverse support programs, and more. 

We make a lasting difference in the lives of clients and their loved ones at our Aurora addiction treatment centre. Why? Because we truly care. 

  • We Are Open 24/7/365
  • Experienced, Passionate & Committed Staff
  • Exemplary Standing with Accreditation Canada
  • We Treat Underlying Issues, Not Just Substance Use
  • Immediate Admittance & No Stressful Waitlists
  • Reasonable & Competitive Rates
  • Supervised Medical Detoxification
  • Strong Focus on 1-on-1 Therapy

Our Dedicated Team 

Our innovative programs led by trusted, caring, and experienced professionals have solidified us as the leading Aurora drug rehab centre

Clients on their recovery journey will be guided by a reliable support system composed of Aurora detox experts, medical practitioners, nutritionists, and counsellors.

Detox Experts

Through safe and effective medical strategies, our experts have helped countless individuals detoxify from substances such as alcohol, methadone, suboxone, fentanyl, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, prescription drugs, etc. 

Medical Practitioners 

Lasting recovery involves keeping both your physical and mental health in shape.
That's why the medical practitioners at our Aurora drug rehab centre make sure every client is physically ready to overcome their addiction. 


Our nutritionists ensure clients follow a diverse addiction recovery diet that can gradually yet significantly reverse and repair the damaging effects of substance abuse.


The counsellors at our Aurora addiction treatment centre are here to impart necessary guidance, build therapeutic alliances, and offer additional support to their loved ones if needed.

Services Customized for Aurora Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment 

Planned treatment, personalized care, and effective recovery programs are our three benchmarks for alcohol addiction treatment. Our team has consistently produced high success rates, even for those with severe dependencies.

Drug Addiction Treatment 

The innovative addiction treatment at our Aurora drug rehab centre caters to individuals who have a dependency on any of the following:

Withdrawal Management & Medical Detox 

We take the fear and unpleasantness out of detoxification, the process through which alcohol or other drugs are removed from the body. The certified physicians at our Aurora drug rehab centre ensure a safe and customized process.

Intervention Services 

The experts at Freedom From Addiction can help prepare clients, their families, and friends for successful intervention through effective training sessions on non-judgmental, non-confrontational, and supportive dialogue.

If you deem it necessary, we can also act as the intervener.

Programs Available for Addiction Rehab Aurora

Individual Counselling 

At our Aurora recovery centre, we also offer individual counselling sessions with a focus on one or several of the following: 

Group Counselling 

We also offer the following group therapy services at our Aurora addiction treatment centre:

Continuing Care

Recovery is a continuous process. Some individuals may feel the need to have ongoing support even after completing a rehabilitation program. Through continuing care services, we help those seeking sobriety gradually transition back into everyday life by providing them with ongoing recovery management via emotional and social support.

Relapse Prevention 

This program offered by our Aurora rehabilitation centre caters to individuals who have demonstrated the inability to remain clean for long periods of time. 

Relapse prevention involves activities based on Terry Gorski’s Relapse Prevention Plans, which focus on problem-solving and skill-building. Psychotherapy or support therapy may also be advised as part of a relapse-focused recovery management system.

Lifelong Family Program 

As the leading Aurora addiction treatment centre, we’re dedicated to helping the loved ones of clients cope with the situation as well. Our lifelong family program is made to support family members and anyone else affected by the client’s addiction. 

Our team does this by educating them on the following:

  • Cycle of addiction;
  • Relapse prevention;
  • Boundaries;
  • Caretaking;
  • Co-dependency;
  • Enabling; and 
  • Self-care.

Frontline Support Program 

This program aims to raise awareness around mental health in the frontline worker community throughout the pandemic. Our Aurora rehab centre provides up to 40 days of in-patient addiction recovery treatment, including medical detox, lifetime after-care support, and family programs for twenty frontline workers at zero cost. 

Indigenous Programming 

With the help of Wayne Monague, our healing and wellness counsellor, clients can experience a holistic method of healing in the Anishnabe way. This holistic approach to programming incorporates traditional and spiritual teachings. 

LGBTQIA+ Programming 

We provide a safe, sensitive, and sober space where members of the LGBTQIA+ community can begin the road to recovery while surrounded by professionals who have a broad understanding of their social, legal, and health implications. 

Mental Health Programming 

Our mental health treatment programs are designed to help address mental health disorders and improve coping mechanisms, promoting sustained recovery through handling negative thinking without turning to drugs or alcohol. It covers awareness, education, and anger management, and often includes cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Our Approach to Aurora Addiction Treatment

The unique approach we take at our Aurora detox center has paved the way for us to make a difference. Rather than looking at clients as ‘subjects,’ everyone in our recovery home gets treated like family. Compassion matters.

Moreover, we empower those battling addiction to apply their acquired knowledge and skills for healthy and balanced living. We believe in self-empowerment and psychological well-being, encouraging our clients to find strength from within.

We treat drug and alcohol addiction by combining clinical philosophies with evidence-based modalities. Our detox experts, medical practitioners, nutritionists, and counsellors are all here to lend a helping hand to get you back on track.

Saving Lives & Reuniting Aurora Families With Compassionate Addiction Treatment

Rehabilitation is more than just a program; it’s a life-saver that reconnects people with their healthier selves and reunites them with their loved ones.

All you have to do is seek reliable support from compassionate professionals. Trust in the innovative and proven programs of Freedom from Addiction’s Aurora drug rehab centre to get you across these waters. We’ll get you into a space where you can be your best self and live a life that is healthier, happier, cleaner, and, most importantly, sober.

Addiction is not a lost cause—there’s always hope for sustainable recovery.

Contact Freedom From Addiction to Start the Road to Recovery 

Recovery is well within reach at Freedom from Addiction. Whether you are an individual who needs support or a concerned loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Aurora addiction treatment centre for help. 

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