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A couple walking with their young daughter outside

Why Family Therapy Is an Important Part of Addiction Recovery

The wounds of addiction can cut deep, hurting not only the person who is struggling with the disease but their loved ones as well. It has the potential to foster an unhappy and hostile environment for everyone in the family, which can continue into and beyond recovery unless it is appropriately addressed. Here at Freedom from Addiction, we believe that...

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Two women holding hands and crying on a couch

How to Talk to Your Family Member About Their Alcoholism

Talking to a family member or loved one about their alcoholism can be an intimidating thing. It can be a sensitive topic that a lot of people tread carefully around or avoid altogether. It’s understandable if you’re nervous or afraid of hurting your loved ones feelings, but it’s important to have that initial discussion about alcoholism with them as the...

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Teenage girl and boy

5 Things to Know as the Sibling of an Addict

Addiction does not only affect one person; it impacts a string of relationships, including those in the addict’s family. Seeing a sibling fall prey to addiction can seem surreal. Suddenly, you may realize that you no longer recognize your brother or sister as they have become a different person. Addiction’s effect on siblings is a niche aspect of addiction that...

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Father with his young son

Tips for Talking to Your Children About Your Addiction

Despite the modern times we live in, addiction is arguably still a taboo subject that is rarely, if ever, discussed within the family. It becomes an even trickier topic if it hits too close to home. In this article, we'll cover why talking to your children about your own alcoholism or substance abuse is immensely important, and how seeking professional...

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People doing a high-five at a meeting

Support Groups for Family & Friends of Addicts

Loved ones can be tremendous sources of motivation and inspiration for someone battling with addiction. Their support plays a pivotal role in seeing the person through addiction recovery. However, family and friends of addicts also suffer from a great deal of emotional turmoil in the process. Who is left to support them? This is where joining addiction support groups can...

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COVID-19, Addiction Services & Accessible Testing

COVID-19, Addiction Services & Accessible Testing: A Letter to Doug Ford & Christine Elliott

UPDATE - May 25, 2020: Freedom From Addiction is pleased to see Doug Ford & the Ontario Government open up and encourage testing to all those who need it. On Sunday May 24th, Ford encouraged the public to get tested for COVID-19, including those who may be asymptomatic or think they may have been exposed. The messaging from Ford is...

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Our COVID-19 Response & Action Plan

Our COVID-19 Response & Action Plan

UPDATE - April 9th, 2020: In the best interest of our current clients and staff, we have unfortunately decided to no longer accept patients to Freedom From Addiction without a negative COVID-19 test. As a leading drug and alcohol treatment center in Ontario, if we start accepting individuals that have not been tested, we put our staff and other clients...

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Close up of a tipped over wine bottle

How to Differentiate Binge Drinking and Alcoholism

We’ve all experienced a night drinking with friends where it’s gone too far and we’ve had to deal with a major hangover the next morning. In fact, binge drinking is probably one of the most common patterns of alcohol consumption in North America. While you may associate binge drinking with younger, college-age people, it’s something that people of all ages...

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A glass of alcohol sitting on a coaster

Common Signs of Liver Damage Caused by Alcohol Abuse

It’s no secret that a lot of adults love to drink alcohol for a lot of different reasons. It can be to unwind after a long day at work, to be more social at a friend’s get together, or simply because they enjoy the taste. Overall, moderate alcohol consumption isn’t that bad for you and can even have some surprising...

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Close up of Narcan/Naloxone vials and a needle

What Happens When You Give Someone Narcan Who Doesn’t Need It

The opioid crisis in Canada has reached an all-time high, affecting thousands of people across the country as well as their loved ones. Opioids are incredibly addictive and can lead to death if abused. But mostly, it’s ignorance that kills the person - not knowing the first aid, not knowing how to use or what it does, and not knowing...

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