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Dangers Of Codependency And Addiction

The Dangers Of Codependency And Addiction

One of the most damaging relationships when it comes to substance abuse is the combination of codependency and drug addiction. These are symbiotic, mutually reinforcing behaviours that can have serious consequences for both participants in the relationship. If left unchecked, this interaction can progress to such a stage as to be life threatening. So what exactly are the dangers of codependency...

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Fentanyl And Carfentanil

What Is The Difference Between Fentanyl And Carfentanil?

While fentanyl has been making headlines across North America for its incredibly damaging effects, a new name has come up that is even more frightening – carfentanil. These two substances are being called the worst aggravators of the opioid crisis in Canada and the United States since it began. Hundreds of people have died through intended or accidental administration of these potent...

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