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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Freedom from Addiction

The Ultimate Guide To Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

One technique that can prove to be exceptionally effective during drug and alcohol addiction treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy. Addiction involves many different negative thought patterns that can act like a cage and trap the patient in a cycle of relapse. The social and mental impacts of drug and alcohol addiction can work to reinforce this thinking, making seeking help...

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Woman saying no to alcohol after drug and alcohol addiction treatment

Top 6 Ways To Resist Temptation

Learning to resist temptation lies at the heart of any attempt at drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Temptation is often a lifelong struggle drug and alcohol addicts will need to cope with. It is the almost overwhelming urge to relapse when the right conditions are met, such as certain emotions, events, or sensations are presented. Without adequate knowledge and discipline,...

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