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The Rehab Waitlist Length Is Too Long: What Now?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 31 million people around the world have drug use addiction. In Canada, it is estimated that one in five people aged 15 and older will experience a substance use disorder in their lifetime. Looking at these figures, we can’t ignore the exceedingly alarming prevalence of addiction and its devastating effects in our...

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Private Addiction Treatment Centres vs. Government Funded: Which is Better?

As mounting research continues to shed light on the complexity of substance use disorders, society has outgrown the notion that it’s a mere habit one needs to walk away from with sheer willpower. Instead, there is now a growing awareness that addiction is a chronic brain disease that’s plaguing millions of people worldwide. Now, more than ever, the critical importance...

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How Poor Public Funding Affects Substance Abuse Treatment Centres

Many countries around the globe are dealing with addiction at colossal levels - around 11.8 million people die from substance use every year. In the United States, nearly 21 million Americans struggle with at least one addiction and require access to substance abuse treatment centres, but only 10% receive proper treatment. The same is true for Canada; studies suggest at...

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How Canada’s Government Rehab Centres are Failing Addicts

Early intervention and access to addiction treatment services can literally mean life and death for many people struggling with substance abuse. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for countless Canadians who cannot afford private addiction centres and whose lives are hanging by a thread given the long waiting list in government rehab centres. The Biggest Issue with Government Rehab...

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