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A man sitting down in anguish

The Cost of Addiction on Your Life

Addiction, whether it be to substances or alcohol, is detrimental to a person suffering from it and to the people close to them. The cost of addiction bears many negative effects on important life foundations, such as family ties, social relationships, careers, and financial stability. In fact, there is a strong correlation between addiction and poverty, and this is only...

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How Would Canada Deal With Decriminalizing Illegal Drugs?

Decriminalizing illegal drugs has been an ongoing topic of national conversation. In 2020, Canada’s police chiefs have expressed support for the decriminalization of personal drug possession and the use of illegal drugs. Drug reform groups and health agencies such as the Canadian Public Health Association have voiced out congruence in this notion. The question is, would it bear positive effects...

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Teenage Drinking: What’s Normal? | Freedom From Addiction

Identifying and Dealing with Teenage Drinking

Most parents experience the effects of teenage drinking at some point during their children’s adolescent years. While many factors can influence drinking, such as pop culture or the influence of friends, it is important to know that alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Canada. Teenagers are exposed to alcohol as much as adults are. In 2019, seven million...

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