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How Your Body Becomes Tolerant to Drugs or Alcohol

The words "tolerance," "dependence," and "addiction" are often erroneously used when describing one's proclivity for using drugs or alcohol. But the truth is these terms are different from each other when looking at how substances affect the brain. Defining Tolerance, Dependence, and Addiction  The National Institute on Drug Abuse best explains how each term differs from the other: Tolerance –...

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How Much Does Alcohol or Drug Rehab Cost in Ontario?

One of the most frequently asked questions about addiction treatment that we receive is, “How much does rehab cost in Ontario?” The truth is there is no singular fixed cost to these types of individualized treatment programs. Generally, you’ll receive a personalized treatment quote based on the type and intensiveness of care required by the patient deemed by the rehab...

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5 Common Relapse Triggers and How to Avoid Them After Rehab

The initial stages of addiction recovery can be extremely challenging for anyone. Without the controlled environment of rehab, you are exposed to several triggers of addiction that can cause relapse. Although it's impossible to hide from your relapse triggers forever, there are many actions you can take to set yourself free from them.  External vs. Internal Relapse Triggers  Relapse triggers...

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How to Overcome the Guilt of Relapse

The battle against substance abuse comes with significant emotional baggage. Guilt and shame in addiction can happen at different stages in your journey, however, these feelings may be magnified during an episode of relapse after many years of living a life in sobriety. Oftentimes, people struggling with addiction view this as a personal failure or a sign that they are...

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How to Identify Your Addiction Relapse Triggers

Addiction is a chronic disease that has the potential to re-enter one’s life at any point. Completing an addiction treatment program is a major step towards recovery, but it does not always guarantee lasting sobriety.  Relapse is an inevitable part of the addiction recovery process. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is bound to happen at least...

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