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Creative visualization of a woman experiencing DMT side effects

Everything You Need to Know About DMT Addiction

What is DMT, and how does it affect individuals who abuse it? Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a popular and powerful psychedelic substance with a Schedule III classification under Canada's Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Dealers also call DMT drugs "the spirit molecule" or "the businessman's trip."  Traditionally used in religious rituals, DMT's psychoactive effects can be accessed by brewing parts...

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Hands getting chips from a table filled with food.

What Is a Behavioural Addiction?

When we talk about addiction, we immediately think about alcohol dependence and illicit substances. However, did you know that there are also addictive behaviours interfering with and negatively affecting a person’s quality of life? Despite emerging evidence, behavioural addiction is still a fairly new phenomenon being debated by experts. Many still question whether behavioural addiction is considered a “real” addiction. ...

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An addiction counsellor listening to a patient

What Does an Addiction Counsellor Do?

Addiction is more than just a bad habit that you can kick off on your own. Anyone who has personally suffered from any form of substance use disorder (or knows someone who did) can attest to how vicious and devastating it can be. Licensed addiction counsellors are a critical part of every recovery program. They go above and beyond expectations...

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A female employee meditating in her office surrounded by hands holding paperwork.

5 Tips for Managing Stress in a Demanding Work Environment

The latest surveys reveal that work is the most significant source of stress for Canadians. It’s the main reason cited by one in five individuals who quit their jobs during the pandemic. Nothing good ever comes out of a highly stressful work environment. It only triggers a cascade of consequences that negatively impacts both employees and employers.  The World Health...

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