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U.S. and Canadian flag side by side

Can U.S. Residents Attend Rehab in Canada?

Canada has become one of the world’s top medical destinations due to the relative affordability, accessibility, and quality of care available in the country. It’s not unheard of for international residents, especially neighbouring people from the United States, to come and get professional medical attention at Canadian rehab centers. But can an American undergo rehab in Canada? The answer is...

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A person flipping through a book about addiction recovery.

60+ Books About Addiction and Recovery

Substance abuse is a silent epidemic that's affecting countless people worldwide. The more we know about this complex condition, the more empowered we become to steer clear of personal addiction triggers—or give loved ones whatever they need to power through the journey towards lifelong sobriety.  Reading books about addiction recovery and memoirs of prominent personalities who share their struggles (which...

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A couple snowshoeing in wintertime.

Enjoyable Things to Do When Sober: 40 Winter Activities

For many reasons, wintertime can be particularly challenging for those in addiction recovery. You see less and less of the sun each day and are forced to stay indoors at times, making you vulnerable to winter blues. You’re excited about seeing family and friends but at the same time agitated about the thought of being near alcohol or drugs at...

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A person writing their goals down in a notebook

Setting Goals in Addiction Recovery

Most people who suffer from addiction don’t only battle with the addiction itself. Concurrent disorders, strained relationships, isolation, and many other issues that could have arisen due to the addiction and trigger a relapse in the future are among their challenges as well. This is why setting healthy addiction recovery goals is a helpful process that considers multiple angles of...

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A woman watching mental health documentaries on her TV

8 Mental Health Documentaries to Add to Your Watch List

Documentaries generally help us see and understand various aspects of our world a little clearer. Meanwhile, mental health documentaries give us a window to the world within. The best mental health documentaries raise awareness on various mental health issues as well as provide us with ideas on how we can all nurture the inner workings of our minds far better. ...

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