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A man meditating on the edge of a wooden dock as he looks at a picturesque lake.

Simple but Effective Habits to Improve Mental Health and Well-Being in 2022

There’s a lot of hype about how we should focus on mental health to achieve a happy, well-balanced life. And while we can’t stress enough how true that is, the thing is, we sometimes get so caught up in the big picture that we forget it’s the little things that will bring us there. So what can you do to...

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A man lending a hand to help another man get on top of the hill.

AA Sponsors: What They Are and How Can They Help Sponsees in Addiction Recovery

There’s no doubt Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) helps individuals get sober. Research shows it has helped more people achieve sobriety than therapy. The success of this international fellowship can be attributed to the social interaction model it uses. AA believes a person who’s trying to get sober must be surrounded by others with the same goal to achieve optimal success. A...

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An open prescription drug bottle with pills spilling out

What Are the 3 Prescription Drug Categories?

There’s a big challenge surrounding prescription drugs in Canada: how can prescription drug-related abuse be reduced while ensuring access to those who need it for medical applications? Tightening regulations further could help prevent abuse and harm. But it could also mean jeopardizing the lives of people who medically need it if they don’t get timely access. It’s a tricky issue...

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A person suffering from substance abuse disorder and mental illness

What Is Comorbidity and How Does It Differ From Concurrent Disorders?

Relatives of individuals with drug dependence often wonder what made their loved ones abuse drugs. Did the substance abuse happen because they have a mental illness? Or did the substance abuse cause the mental illness? Often, mental illness contributes to substance abuse and vice-versa. But sometimes, a person can have both substance abuse disorder and mental illness at the same...

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A macro shot of an ice-cold glass of beer with foam on top

What is Dry January?

No, it doesn’t mean January will be a dry month. Rainfall and moisture in the air won’t be low, and there won’t be a drought. Dry January means abstaining from alcohol during the first month of the new year. It has become a yearly tradition for many people since it began eight years ago. Others look at it as a...

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