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A sister comforts her brother suffering from substance abuse disorder

How To Help A Sibling with Addiction: 5 Things To Know

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual experiencing substance abuse. It affects those around them as well, including their families. Siblings of people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are especially affected because they tend to struggle with various conflicting emotions: shame, resentment, guilt, confusion, and hurt all at the same time. They also tend to feel frustrated about not knowing how...

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Different types of drugs on a table

The 7 Drug Categories Explained

Countless factors contribute to each person’s addiction story, and the types of drugs they use is one of them.  To effectively understand the nature of a loved one’s addiction, you have to go beyond identifying whether it’s a recreational or prescription drug that led to their substance use disorder.  It’s crucial to learn more and delve deeper into the different...

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Woman saying no to alcohol after drug and alcohol addiction treatment

8 Helpful Ways to Resist the Temptation to Drink Alcohol

Learning to resist temptation lies at the heart of any attempt at drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Temptation is often a lifelong struggle that drug and alcohol addicts need to cope with. It is the overwhelming urge to relapse when the right conditions are met, such as certain emotions, events, or sensations are presented. And without adequate knowledge and discipline,...

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