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Clinical researchers conducting studies on cocaine use in Canada

15 Facts And Statistics On Cocaine and Cocaine Use In Canada

Cocaine, also known by its street name “coke,” is one of the most notorious substances that lead to drug addiction.  Discover the 15 most critical facts and figures about cocaine use in Canada.  1. Cocaine Is Made From a South American Plant Cocaine is an illicit drug made from cocoa leaves, a tropical shrub indigenous to South America. As part...

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A woman celebrates her sobriety anniversary

5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Addiction Recovery

Anyone who has lived through substance abuse—whether first-hand or by experiencing it through a loved one—can attest that the road to addiction recovery is a long and arduous one.  You’ve been through a lot. You’ve made the brave decision to go into treatment, complete your treatment program, and stay sober for 365 days and counting—and that calls for a celebration. ...

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A girl on her phone talking to people online

Human Trafficking Statistics in Canada

Human trafficking is an an abhorrent criminal act that exploits vulnerable people. One would like to think that such an act doesn’t happen in this day and age, however, human trafficking affects around 40.3 million people around the world today. This article dives deep into human trafficking statistics in Canada, showing the reality of how it happens, who it affects...

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