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a woman recording a podcast about mental health

The Best Mental Health Podcasts You Should Start Listening To

Humans are social beings. It’s inherent for us to desire some sort of connection with other people. When this desire isn’t met—and this happens from time to time—it’s perfectly normal to feel lonely. Loneliness isn’t a mental health concern in itself, but there’s a strong link that ties the two together. Fortunately, there are mental health podcasts you can turn...

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A tired woman in front of her laptop

Burnout Culture at Work: Why It Shouldn’t Be the Norm

The word “burnout” was coined by Herbert Freudenberger, an American psychologist, to describe the symptoms of severe stress caused by certain professions. While originally used to refer to severe exhaustion experienced by people in “helping professions,” it has since become the term to describe an occupational phenomenon that results from chronic workplace stress. Some people credit the birth of burnout...

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An AA sponsor shaking hands with a person in recovery

Getting Support: What To Look For in an AA Sponsor

If you’re wondering what to look for in an AA sponsor, you’re probably already on your path to recovery. Well done! Getting support from an AA sponsor can improve your chances of overcoming addiction. This is because AA sponsors intimately know the struggles of being an addict and can urge and support you to be more proactive. So, if you’re...

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