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A collage of three celebrities with addiction

10 Celebrities With Addiction: Triumph Over the Condition

Addiction and fame seem to be somewhat intertwined. So, is it the pressure that pushes celebrities into addiction, or is it the money that attracts the vice?  According to studies, certain personality traits are more prone to addiction. Impulsive, obsessive and novelty-seeking behaviour are often tied to addiction, qualities that many celebrities also possess, being the natural entertainers and high...

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a bottle of opioids spill out over a drug test result form

How Long Do Opioids Stay in Your System?

One of the early steps in seeking help for opioid abuse is to confirm that misuse is happening. Do opioids show up in drug tests? Yes, and conducting a drug detection test is often the best way to confirm opioid abuse. With that said, there are some things you should know about how long opioids stay in your system as...

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A man experiencing temporary euphoria

Addiction Replacement: How to Spot and Stop It

When addicts attempt to recover from addiction, they may find themselves substituting their former addiction with another in an effort to stay sober or to lessen the stress of treatment. Sometimes, the addiction replacement is obvious, but other times, the patients are not aware of the substitution. This is especially the case when the substituted behaviour seems like a positive...

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Alcohol spilled on the table.

Understanding the 5 Types of Alcoholism

There are several different classification systems that identify types of alcoholism and alcoholics. These typologies are created to effectively understand the cause of or the influence behind alcoholism, and hopefully with that knowledge, be able to treat them. One widely-acknowledged classification system is physiologist Elvin Jellinek’s 5 Alcoholism Species, which identifies 5 different forms of alcoholism differentiated by level of...

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