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Am I Addicted? 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

“Am I addicted?” This is a serious question no doctor should ignore. There are many reasons why people start using substances. Sometimes, it is out of curiosity, for entertainment, or to ease emotional pain. There are also times when it is necessary, such as during an illness or after an accident. But when casual use reaches levels of abuse or...

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10 Things Addicts Say to Justify Their Alcohol Addiction

The lies we tell to preserve our dignity are sometimes necessary. Other times, they’re downright destructive. The things addicts say to justify their actions could be influenced by their need to belong, to avoid judgment, or to maintain their bad habits. Understanding that people with addiction may feel challenged in many different ways will help guide them in the right...

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Inspiring and Motivational Rehab Success Statistics

When we read about addiction statistics, we usually see depressing numbers and varying degrees of negativity. While their purpose is to paint a picture of the severity of substance abuse, this can actually cause more anxiety and shame to a person seeking addiction treatment. What some data fails to report is what happens during and after treatment. There’s a lot...

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What Happens When You Mix Alcohol and Ativan?

Ativan is the brand name that dispenses lorazepam as a generic medication, and is only accessible by having a prescription from your doctor. While this drug is mainly used to combat anxiety, it has highly addictive components that can lead to substance abuse. Moreover, when intake is mixed with alcohol (which is often the substance abused with Ativan), it can...

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