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three women holding hands in comfort

Women and Substance Abuse: Overcoming Addiction

Addiction recovery programs should take into account all aspects of a women's journey to treatment instead of following a generic approach. Substance abuse disorder (SUD) among women involves unique risks and patterns. Recognizing these can help improve the prevention and treatment of SUD. Let’s take a closer look at women and substance abuse and the crucial role biology plays in...

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An anatomical model with the brain exposed

How Thought Suppression Can Help You Stay Sober

Do you believe in mind over matter? If you’ve ever heard of the placebo effect, then you’re probably aware that thoughts have a measurable effect on one’s wellness. While its positive effects are usually limited to getting relief from psychological stressors like insomnia, it is evidence that thoughts can influence physical outcomes. What if you could utilize your mind to...

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A child crying silently

Childhood Trauma and Addiction: How Are They Linked?

Our childhood experiences shape us, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that trauma in the formative years can have a long-lasting impact. You may be wondering how childhood trauma and addiction are related; are people more prone to developing an addiction after going through adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)? Is there a way to prevent past trauma from causing addiction...

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A teary-eyed person with half of their face covered

What Are the Principles of Trauma-Informed Care?

Everyone plays a part in healing people with trauma. Even non-therapists can participate in someone else’s recovery. However, these efforts should be guided by the principles of trauma-informed care. First responders, law enforcement officers, service providers, and support staff can help improve health outcomes and patient engagement by implementing a trauma-informed approach. Let’s take a closer look at the fundamental...

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