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A woman talking to a support group

What is Harm Reduction and How Does it Work?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating patients with addiction. Addiction is a complicated, multi-faceted illness that can arise from several different causes. It can take many forms and manifest in various ways. Harm reduction addresses these issues by offering inclusive and flexible solutions. By allowing people who use drugs (PWUD) to recover and thrive on their own terms, harm...

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Parents showing their child a video about mental health

Talking About Mental Health With Your Children: A How-To Guide

Around 70% of adults with mental health issues first experienced symptoms before they turned 18. Unfortunately, less than 20% of Canada’s youth suffering from mental illness receive treatment. Talking about mental health is something you can do to equip your children with the knowledge they need to dissect complicated feelings; no matter if they are struggling or not. Here are...

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A young woman covering her face with her hands.

Recognizing Depression in Teens: The Signs You Need to Know

Depression in teens can manifest in various ways. What may seem like normal teenage behaviour or the result of hormonal changes could be the beginnings of teen depression. Recognizing the symptoms right away is your best chance to help them through it. Depression in teens is different than in adults because they are exposed to different triggers, environments and challenges....

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A poppy plant, the natural source of opium.

Opiate vs Opioid: Key Differences

Opioids and opiates are drugs used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The main difference between the two is that opiates are naturally-derived, while opioids are synthetic. However, they are both powerful analgesics with serious risks and side effects. Because of this, they are often reserved for severe cases despite their widespread effectiveness in treating patients of all...

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