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A person curled up in a corner of their room.

What To Do After Relapse: 8 Tips To Get Back on Track

Recovering from addiction is never easy. At times, it can feel like a constant uphill battle. This is why addiction relapse is considered a chronic condition. Even if you think you have overcome your battles successfully and have rid yourself of drug or alcohol addiction, there’s always the possibility of you reverting to your old, harmful habits. This is why...

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A woman who is unable to sleep sits in a dark living room with pills on the table

How Do Drugs Affect Sleep?

High-quality sleep keeps you physically and mentally healthy. Getting a good night’s rest is refreshing, helps you think more clearly, and improves your mood. However, if you or someone you know has ever struggled with drug addiction, then you’ve experienced or seen first-hand how it affects sleep quality. Those living with substance use disorder also often find themselves suffering from...

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The letters “OCD” written on blocks of wood

6 Tips For Living With Someone With OCD

While it’s normal to double-check whether you locked your front door, see if you’ve unplugged your computer from its charging station, or sanitize your work desk each time you come into the office, these traits become a problem when they consume so much of your time that it interferes with your waking life. Unfortunately, this is what life can be...

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A person’s wrist chained to a bottle of alcohol.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary? The Role Of Genetics in Disease

Studies have found that nearly 1 in 3 adults drink excessively, most of whom binge drink, yet only an unlucky subset of the population develops alcohol abuse disorder. Why is that? Well, studies have shown you’re more susceptible to having a problem with alcohol if you have a close family member or a parent who struggles with alcoholism. While a...

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