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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

5 Wrongs That Don’t Let You Overcome Your Addiction

You are addicted to drugs or alcohol and had gone once, twice and thrice to rehab centres in Toronto. Such stories are quite common. Recovery from an addiction is difficult, but certainly not impossible. Sometimes, you need to take multiple treatment attempts to get well. People are often disappointed, angry and even ready to give up and ask themselves – what went wrong. Have a look at a few ”Wrongs” that are not letting anything ”Right” happen to you.

Wrong Understanding of Addiction

Long-term use of drugs alters the chemistry in the brain, causing substantial harm that can take weeks, months and even years to reverse. Addiction is a chronic and relapsing disease and takes time for recovery. If you expect to get cured within 30, 60 or 90 days, there is a chance a relapse will occur.

Wrong Drug Rehab Center or Type of Treatment

Not all drug rehab centres in Toronto provide evidence-based treatment that can really help addicts. Most of the treatment centres use outdated strategies that may just worsen the patient’s condition. Others offer short term treatment plans that are offered by minimally qualified staff. Since, most of the addicts also suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions, the chances of relapse are higher if they don’t receive specialized treatment for all these conditions.

Addicts need to look for the recovery programs that provide a home-like environment, certified health professionals and highly qualified therapists. These experts will monitor your health progress and try to minimize the discomfort. They will guide you on the path to recovery that can help you achieve sobriety.

Wrong Attitude

Recovery is a challenge and the process can be more complex for those who aren’t willing to change. Treatment can only work for those who are determined to get cured and hold onto anger, disappointment and other negative emotions. Post-treatment patients need to follow-up on the program of recovery, otherwise, your overconfidence and unwillingness can sabotage success and lead to relapse.

Wrong Timeframe

Many rehab facilities in Toronto treat addiction as an acute illness. A 30-day treatment program is not enough for addiction. Remember, addiction is a chronic disease and requires long-term care. Studies have shown that 90 days is a more accurate timeframe for treatment, followed by counselling. You cannot prevent relapse by avoiding drugs and alcohol. Recovery requires a significant change in the lifestyle for example change in diet, sleep, exercise, habits, etc. People need to indulge in fun activities and spend quality time with their friends and families.

Wrong Support System

People overcome their addiction and then again start hanging out with drug-abusing friends and return to the environment full of triggers. Such things can make the process more difficult. You want a normal life and for this you need to give up on some relationships. Move forward with healthier relationships to lead a normal and happy life.

If your recovery process took a wrong turn, try again. In case, you need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at Freedom From Addiction. Freedom is one of the leading rehab facilities in Toronto offering de-addiction treatment programs for addicts for the past many years.


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