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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Don’t Know Whether or Not You Have A Drug Problem. Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

There are many reasons young people start taking drugs, sometimes it is out of curiosity, enjoyment or to ease trauma and pain of unsatisfactory relationships. But, for addicts there always comes a time when casual use reaches the level of a full-blown abuse. According to our rehab centre in Toronto, if you are not sure about your drug problem, ask these three questions to yourself that will help.

1.Have I Changed?

If you fear that you are having an addiction problem, the best way to judge yourself is with your own habits and personality. Do you feel any change in yourself? Drug addiction can cause disruptions in sleep such as chronic insomnia or over-sleeping. Are you looking for drugs to keep yourself awake? Do you depend on drugs to get through a night?

Severe drug abuse can also lead to change in your personality. Is your mood more erratic than it used to be? This may include mood swings from depression to being short temper. Do any of these habits and personality changes sound familiar? If yes, then there is some issue.

2. What Have I Lost?

Since you’ve started using drugs, do you feel like you don’t have any interest in the things happening around you. You may start losing interest on hobbies you used to love. Have you stopped taking care of yourself? The most common thing in addiction is keeping yourself away from those people who are trying to help you. Are you avoiding conversations about your drug addiction with friends and family? Have you started avoiding them? If you are going against your loved ones, this can be a sign that there is some serious issue that you are trying to avoid.

3.How Often Do I Use?

If you are finishing a prescription before the prescribed time, it clearly means that you are taking a higher dose. If you are going back for more too soon, this can be a serious issue. Do you feel sick when you don’t take drugs for a day? Do you get nightmares when you aren’t using drugs? These are some of the symptoms that show that your body has become too dependent on the drugs.

Can you do your day-to-day activities without drugs? Maybe you think you can. Try to remember of the last time you spent a day completely clean. If you can’t think of any such day, it is high time to enter drug rehab centre in Toronto.

Drug addiction is a problem and there is a solution for every problem. Contact our experts at Freedom From Addiction for help. We will help you achieve sobriety and bring a positive change in your life.


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