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A man sitting down in anguish

The Cost of Addiction on Your Life

Addiction, whether it be to substances or alcohol, is detrimental to a person suffering from it and to the people close to them. The cost of addiction bears many negative effects on important life foundations, such as family ties, social relationships, careers, and financial stability. In fact, there is a strong correlation between addiction and poverty, and this is only...

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Teenage Drinking: What’s Normal? | Freedom From Addiction

Identifying and Dealing with Teenage Drinking

Most parents experience the effects of teenage drinking at some point during their children’s adolescent years. While many factors can influence drinking, such as pop culture or the influence of friends, it is important to know that alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Canada. Teenagers are exposed to alcohol as much as adults are. In 2019, seven million...

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A group therapy session with women showing their support to another individual

The Many Benefits of Group Therapy

The sense of belongingness is a basic human need. This is the reason why group therapy works in many ways for people going through counselling programs. The benefits of group therapy encompass a wide range of problems; it can help people stay clean and it can address any adjacent mental health issues.  In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, “belonging” is...

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Person taking out dried cannabis buds from a jar

The Dangers of Smoking Marijuana at a Young Age

Over the years, cannabis or marijuana use has grown to become mainstream, especially in Canada and some American states where it's been legalized for recreational and medicinal purposes. Despite its purported benefits, the long-term effects of marijuana are still a major cause of concern, particularly for teenagers who are exposed to it at such a young age. Marijuana Use Among...

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A group of teenagers drinking and smoking marijuana

Peer Pressure and Drugs: What Parents Need to Know

The desire to be accepted, wanted, and fit in is a natural and basic human instinct. However, it can be a little too intense for teenagers as they are especially vulnerable during this time in their lives due to a general lack of self-esteem. This is where peer pressure comes in. It's choosing to do things you wouldn't otherwise think...

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Holding baby’s hand

The Sad Truth About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASDs)

We’ve all come across a situation where we’ve witnessed a pregnant friend, loved one, or even a complete stranger indulging in a glass of wine during a “special occasion.” So, how much alcohol is OK during pregnancy? Can drinking alcohol harm an unborn child?  In this article, we break down everything you need to know about fetal alcohol syndrome and...

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Woman being comforted by a friend

Nature vs. Nurture: What Is the True Cause of Addiction?

Is addiction a case of nature vs. nurture? The ongoing debate as to whether substance abuse disorders are caused by genetics or influenced by environmental factors that a person encounters in their lifetime is discussed at length in this blog. It’s a critical question that can pave the way for better understanding of the possible triggers of addiction in order...

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Silhouette of a person standing in front of the beach during sunset

Strategies for Coping with Depression While Sober

Sobriety does not magically happen after completing alcohol rehab or drug addiction treatment. It takes a lot of hard work, and sometimes it becomes even more challenging for a person fresh out of rehab when they’re most vulnerable. They are once again exposed to the same emotional triggers that may have led them to their addiction in the first place....

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Male employee holding a glass of alcohol in the office

Spotting Signs of Addiction in the Workplace

Addiction in the workplace is an issue that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. In Canada, approximately 21% of the population (around 6 million people) will suffer from some form of substance abuse in their lifetime. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive appropriate treatment for their alcoholism or drug dependency due to stigma or the waitlist length for public rehab...

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People in an office working in front of the computer

How to Accommodate for Addiction in the Workplace

In Canada, substance abuse disorder or addiction is classified as a disability or a condition that can render an individual incapable of completing full time or any amount of work for a given period of time. The terms substance abuse, substance dependence, and addiction are often used loosely and interchangeably to refer to anyone with a history of or an...

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