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three women holding hands in comfort

Women and Substance Abuse: Overcoming Addiction

Addiction recovery programs should take into account all aspects of a women's journey to treatment instead of following a generic approach. Substance abuse disorder (SUD) among women involves unique risks and patterns. Recognizing these can help improve the prevention and treatment of SUD. Let’s take a closer look at women and substance abuse and the crucial role biology plays in...

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An anatomical model with the brain exposed

How Thought Suppression Can Help You Stay Sober

Do you believe in mind over matter? If you’ve ever heard of the placebo effect, then you’re probably aware that thoughts have a measurable effect on one’s wellness. While its positive effects are usually limited to getting relief from psychological stressors like insomnia, it is evidence that thoughts can influence physical outcomes. What if you could utilize your mind to...

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a man sits at a window deep in thought

Am I Addicted? 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

“Am I addicted?” This is a serious question no doctor should ignore. There are many reasons why people start using substances. Sometimes, it is out of curiosity, for entertainment, or to ease emotional pain. There are also times when it is necessary, such as during an illness or after an accident. But when casual use reaches levels of abuse or...

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Support group circle

Inspiring and Motivational Rehab Success Statistics

When we read about addiction statistics, we usually see depressing numbers and varying degrees of negativity. While their purpose is to paint a picture of the severity of substance abuse, this can actually cause more anxiety and shame to a person seeking addiction treatment. What some data fails to report is what happens during and after treatment. There’s a lot...

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A collage of three celebrities with addiction

10 Celebrities With Addiction: Triumph Over the Condition

Addiction and fame seem to be somewhat intertwined. So, is it the pressure that pushes celebrities into addiction, or is it the money that attracts the vice?  According to studies, certain personality traits are more prone to addiction. Impulsive, obsessive and novelty-seeking behaviour are often tied to addiction, qualities that many celebrities also possess, being the natural entertainers and high...

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A man experiencing temporary euphoria

Addiction Replacement: How to Spot and Stop It

When addicts attempt to recover from addiction, they may find themselves substituting their former addiction with another in an effort to stay sober or to lessen the stress of treatment. Sometimes, the addiction replacement is obvious, but other times, the patients are not aware of the substitution. This is especially the case when the substituted behaviour seems like a positive...

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An AA sponsor shaking hands with a person in recovery

Getting Support: What To Look For in an AA Sponsor

If you’re wondering what to look for in an AA sponsor, you’re probably already on your path to recovery. Well done! Getting support from an AA sponsor can improve your chances of overcoming addiction. This is because AA sponsors intimately know the struggles of being an addict and can urge and support you to be more proactive. So, if you’re...

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A woman celebrates her sobriety anniversary

5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Addiction Recovery

Anyone who has lived through substance abuse—whether first-hand or by experiencing it through a loved one—can attest that the road to addiction recovery is a long and arduous one.  You’ve been through a lot. You’ve made the brave decision to go into treatment, complete your treatment program, and stay sober for 365 days and counting—and that calls for a celebration. ...

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A sister comforts her brother suffering from substance abuse disorder

How To Help A Sibling with Addiction: 5 Things To Know

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual experiencing substance abuse. It affects those around them as well, including their families. Siblings of people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are especially affected because they tend to struggle with various conflicting emotions: shame, resentment, guilt, confusion, and hurt all at the same time. They also tend to feel frustrated about not knowing how...

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Close up of a calendar with a red pin on a date

Does Length of Stay Matter in Addiction Recovery?

When a person checks into an addiction recovery facility, they have one goal in mind: to kick their addiction to the curb and leave the center as a clean and better person. Of course, there’s a lot that goes into a successful recovery. Here’s a question that most residents and/or their loved ones have: does the length of stay matter...

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