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a bottle of opioids spill out over a drug test result form

How Long Do Opioids Stay in Your System?

One of the early steps in seeking help for opioid abuse is to confirm that misuse is happening. Do opioids show up in drug tests? Yes, and conducting a drug detection test is often the best way to confirm opioid abuse. With that said, there are some things you should know about how long opioids stay in your system as...

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Clinical researchers conducting studies on cocaine use in Canada

15 Facts And Statistics On Cocaine and Cocaine Use In Canada

Cocaine, also known by its street name “coke,” is one of the most notorious substances that lead to drug addiction.  Discover the 15 most critical facts and figures about cocaine use in Canada.  1. Cocaine Is Made From a South American Plant Cocaine is an illicit drug made from cocoa leaves, a tropical shrub indigenous to South America. As part...

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Different types of drugs on a table

The 7 Drug Categories Explained

Countless factors contribute to each person’s addiction story, and the types of drugs they use is one of them.  To effectively understand the nature of a loved one’s addiction, you have to go beyond identifying whether it’s a recreational or prescription drug that led to their substance use disorder.  It’s crucial to learn more and delve deeper into the different...

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5 Things To Know About Study Drugs - Freedom From Addiction

5 Things to Know About “Study Drugs”

Study drugs, also known as smart drugs, are prescription stimulants used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in students. While students take these drugs to enhance their focus and alertness—with the goal of improved performance—there are also potential drawbacks when they are misused. Examples of Study Drugs Study drugs come in many different forms with some of the most commonly prescribed...

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An open prescription drug bottle with pills spilling out

What Are the 3 Prescription Drug Categories?

There’s a big challenge surrounding prescription drugs in Canada: how can prescription drug-related abuse be reduced while ensuring access to those who need it for medical applications? Tightening regulations further could help prevent abuse and harm. But it could also mean jeopardizing the lives of people who medically need it if they don’t get timely access. It’s a tricky issue...

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A macro shot of an ice-cold glass of beer with foam on top

What is Dry January?

No, it doesn’t mean January will be a dry month. Rainfall and moisture in the air won’t be low, and there won’t be a drought. Dry January means abstaining from alcohol during the first month of the new year. It has become a yearly tradition for many people since it began eight years ago. Others look at it as a...

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Creative visualization of a woman experiencing DMT side effects

Everything You Need to Know About DMT Addiction

What is DMT, and how does it affect individuals who abuse it? Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a popular and powerful psychedelic substance with a Schedule III classification under Canada's Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Dealers also call DMT drugs "the spirit molecule" or "the businessman's trip."  Traditionally used in religious rituals, DMT's psychoactive effects can be accessed by brewing parts...

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A doctor writing out a prescription

10 Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction Statistics

Prescription drug abuse is an insidious epidemic plaguing many countries worldwide. It involves taking potent medical drugs without prescription, at high doses. Those who abuse prescription drugs mix them with alcohol or a cocktail of other medications, and use it for a different purpose other than what the doctor intended. Unfortunately, dependence on prescription medications often leads to drug addiction...

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Two hands clinking glasses of whisky

How Your Body Becomes Tolerant to Drugs or Alcohol

The words "tolerance," "dependence," and "addiction" are often erroneously used when describing one's proclivity for using drugs or alcohol. But the truth is these terms are different from each other when looking at how substances affect the brain. Defining Tolerance, Dependence, and Addiction  The National Institute on Drug Abuse best explains how each term differs from the other: Tolerance –...

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Man inside his bedroom in a drug rehab centre

How Much Does Alcohol or Drug Rehab Cost in Ontario?

One of the most frequently asked questions about addiction treatment that we receive is, “How much does rehab cost in Ontario?” The truth is there is no singular fixed cost to these types of individualized treatment programs. Generally, you’ll receive a personalized treatment quote based on the type and intensiveness of care required by the patient deemed by the rehab...

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