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The letters “OCD” written on blocks of wood

6 Tips For Living With Someone With OCD

While it’s normal to double-check whether you locked your front door, see if you’ve unplugged your computer from its charging station, or sanitize your work desk each time you come into the office, these traits become a problem when they consume so much of your time that it interferes with your waking life. Unfortunately, this is what life can be...

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Parents showing their child a video about mental health

Talking About Mental Health With Your Children: A How-To Guide

Around 70% of adults with mental health issues first experienced symptoms before they turned 18. Unfortunately, less than 20% of Canada’s youth suffering from mental illness receive treatment. Talking about mental health is something you can do to equip your children with the knowledge they need to dissect complicated feelings; no matter if they are struggling or not. Here are...

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A young woman covering her face with her hands.

Recognizing Depression in Teens: The Signs You Need to Know

Depression in teens can manifest in various ways. What may seem like normal teenage behaviour or the result of hormonal changes could be the beginnings of teen depression. Recognizing the symptoms right away is your best chance to help them through it. Depression in teens is different than in adults because they are exposed to different triggers, environments and challenges....

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a woman recording a podcast about mental health

The Best Mental Health Podcasts You Should Start Listening To

Humans are social beings. It’s inherent for us to desire some sort of connection with other people. When this desire isn’t met—and this happens from time to time—it’s perfectly normal to feel lonely. Loneliness isn’t a mental health concern in itself, but there’s a strong link that ties the two together. Fortunately, there are mental health podcasts you can turn...

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A tired woman in front of her laptop

Burnout Culture at Work: Why It Shouldn’t Be the Norm

The word “burnout” was coined by Herbert Freudenberger, an American psychologist, to describe the symptoms of severe stress caused by certain professions. While originally used to refer to severe exhaustion experienced by people in “helping professions,” it has since become the term to describe an occupational phenomenon that results from chronic workplace stress. Some people credit the birth of burnout...

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A man reading a book about mental health

7 Books About Mental Health You Should Read

Are you currently struggling with your mental health? Do you have a loved one who is in this position? While you may feel alone, nothing could be further from the truth. Consider this statistic: by the time Canadians reach 40 years of age, 1 in 2 have (or have had) a mental illness. The one thing you must remember is...

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A woman sitting on a rock while she writes on her journal

The Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health & Healing

Once upon a time, when you were in primary school, you probably filled your notebook with everyday happenings in school, wrote about your crush(es), and drew a couple of hearts here and there. The humdrum of adulthood typically takes away journaling habits and replaces them with something a little less exciting like writing meeting notes, reminders, and to-do lists.   Why...

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A man meditating on the edge of a wooden dock as he looks at a picturesque lake.

Simple but Effective Habits to Improve Mental Health and Well-Being in 2022

There’s a lot of hype about how we should focus on mental health to achieve a happy, well-balanced life. And while we can’t stress enough how true that is, the thing is, we sometimes get so caught up in the big picture that we forget it’s the little things that will bring us there. So what can you do to...

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A couple snowshoeing in wintertime.

Enjoyable Things to Do When Sober: 40 Winter Activities

For many reasons, wintertime can be particularly challenging for those in addiction recovery. You see less and less of the sun each day and are forced to stay indoors at times, making you vulnerable to winter blues. You’re excited about seeing family and friends but at the same time agitated about the thought of being near alcohol or drugs at...

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A woman watching mental health documentaries on her TV

8 Mental Health Documentaries to Add to Your Watch List

Documentaries generally help us see and understand various aspects of our world a little clearer. Meanwhile, mental health documentaries give us a window to the world within. The best mental health documentaries raise awareness on various mental health issues as well as provide us with ideas on how we can all nurture the inner workings of our minds far better. ...

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