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Young woman on the couch working on her laptop with a cup of tea and a book beside her

Things to Do at Home While Self-Isolating

The global pandemic has forced countless people around the world to stay indoors out of fear of contracting the life-threatening COVID-19. It’s normal that confinement of self-isolation might feel constricting and frustrating to some people. However, if you’re finding yourself using recreational drugs or alcohol more often than ever before, or tempted by boredom and your substance use disorder to...

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Methadone withdrawal

Methadone Withdrawal & Detox

Methadone withdrawal is one of the more common drug withdrawals in Canada and North America. Once a drug user has made the decision to stop taking methadone, they will quickly enter a stage of detox known as withdrawal. There are actually several distinct stages to methadone withdrawal, marking different stages in the body’s fight to regulate following drug addiction. So...

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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Everything You Want To Know About Detox

People should not confuse detox with rehab. In our Toronto drug rehab, most of our patients think of detox as an addiction treatment – which it is not. Detox is very distinct from rehab and it is the first step towards the rehab program. It cannot treat a patient rather prepare you for a lifelong program of rehab. Detox helps people struggling...

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