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How to Celebrate Pride Month If You’re Sober

June marks the celebration of Pride Month. It’s a fun and festive occasion for the LGBTQ+ community to honour how far they’ve come in terms of fighting for equality and celebrate #LoveIsLove.

However, if you are struggling with sobriety, Pride Month can also be a cause of anxiety, frustration, and isolation because of the risk of getting compromised in the drinking culture that comes with the celebratory parades and epic parties.

But whoever said alcohol is a requirement? In this article, we give you a list of exciting ideas on how to celebrate Pride Month this year while remaining happily queer and sober.

Let’s dig right in!

Sign Up for a Virtual Pride Event

COVID-19 has caused the majority of Pride Month 2020 events to be either cancelled or postponed for a later date. But coronavirus or not, the celebration continues as it goes digital with a fantastic line-up of virtual Pride events.

If there’s a silver lining in any of this, it’s probably that now you’ll have a chance to break free from the pressure from your peers if there’s any and celebrate pride with the rest of the LGBTQ+ community worldwide in your own unique way.

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Join a Pride Parade

If, in previous years, you have been contented merely watching the celebrations from a distance, why not participate in a Pride Parade next time? Experience the exhilaration of being able to express yourself out in the streets surrounded by other queer and sober members of the LGBTQ+ family.

Drinking or bringing alcohol beverages are commonly prohibited in these types of Pride events, especially if you’re joining one organized by your local community or company.

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Bring Your Own Drink

It can be challenging for someone queer and sober to attend Pride events without feeling anxious when everybody around you is drinking. Don’t give yourself the chance to feel left out or have a fear of missing out (FOMO). Come prepared with your own stash of alcohol-free beverages. It could be La Croix, Diet Coke, or a mocktail. The options are endless.

When people see that you already have a drink in hand, they won’t come offering you alcohol, and you wouldn’t have to feel bad or embarrassed by turning them down repeatedly. It’s also going to save you from fielding tons of questions about why you’re not drinking, which is a relief if you’re uncomfortable discussing your sobriety with other people.

Some event organizers may have certain restrictions about bringing your own beverage. Always do your research and use it as a deciding factor when making up your mind about which Pride events you should attend.

Find Queer and Sober Friends

Loneliness and isolation are two of the most common culprits behind substance abuse. Having a queer and sober friend who understands and supports your sobriety can make a huge difference and radically redefine the way you celebrate pride. They can be your accountability buddy who can watch your back for potential triggers and check in on you from time to time. They should be dependable enough to not leave you alone or take you out of the party once things get out of hand.

When you have a queer and sober friend who’s on the same page with you, you wouldn’t worry about feeling inadequate, embarrassed, or out of place and actively search for creative ways to celebrate your identity without the presence of alcohol or other substances.

If you don’t have anyone in your current circle who fits these descriptions, it means it’s time for you to meet new people. Several LGBTQ+ support groups advocate for sobriety. A quick online search can lead you to a new tribe where you can thrive with fellow queer and sober friends.

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Host Your Own Sober Pride Party

If you’re concerned that the local Pride events in your area are not legit sober-friendly, why not host your own sober-pride party at home instead? Celebrate Pride Month the way you know how. After all, it’s an occasion that’s all about celebrating identity, non-conformity, and uniqueness.

Not all pride parties have to be overflowing with booze and substances. Yours can be a quiet brunch with queer and sober pals. Yours can have an exciting theme to boot, from unicorn, drag, camp, whatever floats your boat. Swap alcoholic drinks with a promising selection of mocktails. Invite all family and friends, whether they’re sober or not. Inform them in advance about your intent to have the event alcohol-free and let them know that it would mean the world to you if they show their support by coming to your party sober and without expecting to get tipsy.

Are you worried about friends bailing out once they find out there won’t be free booze? It can be difficult to maintain a firm stance about sobriety when you remain entangled with a network of friends who refuse to understand your struggle with substance abuse.

Maybe it’s time to make new friends. Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to connect with other members of the LGBTQ+ community who are sober or who are recovering from addiction or substance abuse.

Show Your Pride While Sober

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