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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Do Addicted Teenagers Need Rehab Centers in Toronto?

It isn’t uncommon for teenagers to experiment with drugs and alcohol. However, when experiment takes the form of addiction, real problems begin.

Are there any addiction treatments available for teenagers? Do they need rehab centers in Toronto? We review here.

Teenagers and addiction treatment

Drug and/or alcohol addiction not only affects teenagers, but also their families. Teenage addiction requires treatment at an early stage, otherwise it can result in much more severe problems down the lane, if left untreated.

The important components of an addiction treatment program include:

  • Healthcare services
  • Behavior therapy
  • Home visits
  • Recreational activities
  • Psychiatric assessments and treatment
  • Family involvement
  • Peer to peer support
  • Social interaction

Teenage drug addiction treatment

Teenage drug addiction treatment is a bit different from traditional addiction treatment but involves a few basic stages. These include:


Before someone can enter rehab facilities Toronto, they must first undergo a screening for a drug and/or alcohol abuse disorder and assessed by specialists, such as doctors, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists. An assessment requires a teenager to answer few questions about his or her substance use. Based on the teenager’s answers to these questions, the specialist will provide diagnoses and an addiction treatment plan, if required.


Once an addict stops taking his or her substance of choice, withdrawal symptoms start occurring within few hours to a couple days. Although these symptoms differ depending on the substance, they are often very uneasy and rough. Medical supervision is highly recommended during the detoxification stage. Medical specialists can help alleviate some of these uncomfortable symptoms and ensure that the detox process goes as smooth as possible.

Psychological treatment

Drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment for teenagers often involves various mental and emotional issues. Therapies, both individual and group, can help address these issues and are considered as an important stage of addiction treatment. Family counseling is also a very essential during addiction treatment for teenagers. Some teens may also require medications, such as anti-anxiety or antidepressants during treatment.


The time following an addiction treatment is crucial. After a teenager successfully completes a treatment program, he or she will need an aftercare program. Aftercare involves attending individual, family and group therapy sessions which can last weeks or even years depending on the individual’s progress.

Addiction treatment barriers

There may be some roadblocks that a teenager must overcome in order to complete an addiction treatment program successfully. These include:

  • Availability of substance of choice
  • Unhealthy family situations
  • Shame and embarrassment
  • Lack of addiction treatment programs
  • Peer pressure

Teenage addiction rehab centers in Toronto

Fighting drug and/or alcohol addiction is a stressful time for teenagers. First you have to find out if your teenager is abusing drugs or alcohol, and then do what’s best.

We’re here to help; simply give us a call. Freedom is one of the leading rehab centers in Toronto. We welcome patients from all walks of life, age and gender. Our addiction treatment programs are customized to best fit your needs.


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