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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Everything You Want To Know About Detox

People should not confuse detox with rehab. In our Toronto drug rehab, most of our patients think of detox as an addiction treatment – which it is not. Detox is very distinct from rehab and it is the first step towards the rehab program. It cannot treat a patient rather prepare you for a lifelong program of rehab. Detox helps people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. There are three essential steps that complete a detox process. These steps either happen at the same time or one at a time during the detox process. These three components are:

  • Evaluation
  • Stabilization
  • Preparing for active rehab

What Happens During Detox

1. The evaluation step of the detox process is designed to analyze the current and past physical and emotional conditions of the addict. In order to achieve the recovery goal, it is crucial to look at the history of drug abuse. The level of drugs or alcohol in the body is determined by drug and alcohol testing. A comprehensive health assessment helps in treating any medical and physical conditions. As family and peer support play a vital role during recovery. Thus, the social situation of the addict is also evaluated.

2. Stabilization is the next level of the drug detoxification process. In this process, the professionals of drug or alcohol rehab centre will assist the addict through the intense periods of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. You may receive medications that help you resist withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is not easy and will definitely cause a lot of discomforts. If you have a long history of drug or alcohol addiction, you may receive inpatient detox to ensure that customized care is provided to address a variety of substance abuse issues. As when you start feeling better physically, your treatment team will introduce you to various impacts that will affect you after you leave detox for active rehab.

3. The final and most essential step is Preparation. Detox not only relates to getting the drugs or alcohol out of your body but rather it also prepares you for active rehab. The period of the detox process varies with your personal circumstances. This step helps you understand and consider your unique needs. This stage is designed to help individuals recover from substance abuse. Your family members are also involved during the preparation stage as only a family member can provide the love and support an addict requires at this time.

Detox is considered to be a difficult time for an alcohol or drug addict. This is why our Toronto drug rehab makes sure that you are treated with respect and compassion.

We, at Freedom From Addiction, make you ready to get off drugs and alcohol. Our detox team will arrange detox services for you and help you achieve sobriety.


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