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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

How To Overcome the Fear of Drug Detox Process

It is quite daunting for the drug addicts to make drastic changes in their life through drug detox process. Detoxification is a long term treatment. It is mainly and widely considered to be the first step towards recovery. It is not scary as most people think. If one has decided to get clean and healthy, it is very important for him to go through detox process without any fear. Below are some guidelines that will surely help you to combat your fear of the drug detox process.

Determine What You’re Really Afraid Of

There are various things that make people a little skeptical about detoxification. But, you should believe in yourself, take on your challenges and dig deep within yourself to conquer your fear of drug detox. Here are the some of the common fears people share before detox:

  • The fear of withdrawal
  • The fear of the past
  • The fear of failure
  • Losing your old life
  • The fear of losing relationships
  • Misery when sober
  • The fear of judgment

Always Remind Yourself Detox is Not so Bad

Withdrawal is a huge hindrance in the way of drug detox process. It isn’t as bad as our mind makes it out to be. Many people do not want to go through withdrawal as they fear of its symptoms that occur when you detox like sweating, excessive yawning, insomnia, agitation, muscles aches, runny nose, increasing watering of the eyes, fever, sneezing and anxiety. These symptoms aren’t life threatening, they can be uncomfortable, but they are also manageable and they only last for few days.

Remember That Getting Sober Will Give You Back Your Life

Most of the people are also afraid of detoxification as they don’t know about what life would be after going through detox process. Getting clean will give you an opportunity to explore yourself, to discover new interests, to led a happy life with your dear ones and to make your future brighter and more healthier.

The detox process is your key to a clean and healthy future, and nothing should stand in your way of achieving that. Call us today for confidential help.


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