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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Centre in Canada

Oxycontin is not only one of the most highly addictive prescription pain medications on the market, but it’s also one of the most dangerous. The National Drug Intelligence Center has reported that approximately one million Americans ages 12 and over have experimented with taking oxycontin at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, all it takes is one use to become severely addicted. If you or someone you know is suffering from an oxycontin addiction, consider scheduling an appointment with one of the many esteemed addiction counsellors at Freedom From Addiction to discuss your treatment options.

What Is Oxycontin?

Oxycontin is generally prescribed as a painkiller to patients who are recovering from major surgery or who experience chronic pain due to various physical health issues. Unfortunately, one of the many drawbacks of doctors prescribing this medication as a source of pain relief for their patients is that they also run the risk of quickly developing a dependency on the drug, which can easily escalate into a full-blown addiction. That’s why patients who are prescribed oxycontin must be closely monitored and examined on a regular basis to ensure that they’re taking the correct dosage every time. The problem with developing an addiction is that every time a person uses, they need to find a way to consume larger and larger quantities of the substance to which they’re addicted.

Why Is Oxycontin More Addictive Than Oxycodone?

The main reason that oxycontin is far more addictive and dangerous than oxycodone is because it’s akin to taking heroin. Even in the smallest doses possible, it’s still a highly addictive substance and people are typically attracted to the immense feeling of euphoria they experience when they’re under the influence of oxycontin. The physical and mental inclinations to continue taking oxycontin are very overpowering and often difficult for most addicts to overcome without professional guidance. Since oxycontin is a potent opiate, it immediately becomes absorbed by the body and stimulates the opioid receptors throughout the brain, usually forcing them to go into overdrive. Activating and blocking the opioid receptors in the brain eradicates any pain. This is a very desirable and addictive feeling combined with the pain relief provided.

What Are the Signs of an Oxycontin Addiction?

Oxycontin addiction can take on many different forms. Some patients might break it down into a fine powder and snort it, while others might dilute the powder with water and inject it intravenously in order to achieve a faster high. Addicts can easily lose track of how much of the substance they’ve ingested and because they don’t feel as good as they did the first time, they feel the need to take more than what’s prescribed. Someone who’s addicted to oxycontin might exhibit some of the following physical or behavioural symptoms:

  • Profuse shaking, and sweating
  • Lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting
  • Violent tremors or seizures
  • Irregular heartbeat or chest pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Hoarseness
  • Desperation and willingness to do anything to obtain more oxycontin
  • Stealing money or engaging in illegal activity in order to purchase oxycontin
  • Attempting to trick their doctor into giving them more oxycontin

What Are the Short and Long-Term Effects of Oxycontin Addiction?

While even short-term medical use of oxycontin can incur some risk, it’s mostly the prolonged abuse of the drug that can cause severe side effects on a person’s physical and mental being. Unfortunately, there’s a very fine line between short-term medical use and becoming completely dependant or addicted to oxycontin. The long-term effects of oxycontin abuse are as follows:

  • Decreased cardiac activity
  • Decreased respiratory activity
  • Heavy vomiting
  • Heavy constipation
  • Various gastrointestinal issues

How to Convince a Loved One to Enroll in an Oxycontin Rehab Centre

You can’t force someone with a substance abuse problem or an addiction to seek treatment or enroll in an oxycontin rehab centre. In fact, if you attempt this approach, then it could have severely negative consequences and push the person further into a drug-addled downward spiral. The last thing you want to do is drive a bigger wedge between yourself and your loved one who needs help by placing a greater strain on your relationship.

In order to effectively help your loved one with a substance abuse problem, you need to create a supportive, endearing, and sympathetic environment in which they feel comfortable enough to express their feelings. The best way to do this is by staging an inclusive intervention during which all of their friends and family members will have the opportunity to calmly and nicely voice their opinions and experiences in relation to the person’s drug use. A calm, gentle, and non-judgmental approach will make the person feel like less of a burden and help them realize that they need to get their life on track because their actions are negatively impacting the lives of the people they love.

Choose Freedom From Addiction for Oxycontin Addiction Treatment in Canada

Freedom From Addiction has a reputation for being one of the most prominent oxycontin addiction treatment centres in Canada because of our unparalleled success rates with our patients. As one of the only privately owned and operated rehabilitation centres in of Ontario that is accredited by Accreditation Canada, all of our staff members are fully licensed in their respective fields. Our clinic operates on a strictly inpatient-only basis to ensure the success of our patients and we also offer extensive aftercare programs to guarantee continued abstinence. Contact us today for more information on our drug and alcohol addiction rehab treatments.


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