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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Physical & Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction

Drugs usually refer to the medicines or substances that have a physiological effect on the body. They are either consumed or injected using a syringe. When dissolved in body, these substances effect the brain, receptors and infected body part, both physiologically and psychologically. Consequently, drug addiction refers to the habituated and fanatic use of dangerous amounts of pills or narcotics that aren’t prescribed by a doctor.

This addiction can greatly effect the life of an individual and his family. Along with promoting violent behavior, it leads in a huge loss of assets and money. Every year, thousands of people fell victim to this non-prescribed drug consumption. The country having majority of addicts suffer from financial loss, since much of the income gets wasted in health care expenses, lost wages, rehab and prevention programs among others.

Physical Effects of Drug Addiction

All drugs have an impact on the physical mechanism of a body, but the extent of the effect varied from drug to drug. The most targeted and suffered part is the brain. Drug addiction is responsible for changing the way a brain functions and this change in metabolism impacts the body. Over consumption or repeated use of medicines flood the brain with chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. If a pregnant woman is suffering from addiction, the chances are that the children born will be cognitively affected or mentally retarded throughout the life. The increase in mortality rate is due to alcohol or drug consumption.

Some of the physical effects of drug addiction are:

  • Intestine pain, constipation or diarrhea
  • Kidney, lungs or liver damage
  • Reduced immunity to diseases
  • Lower heart rate, heart attack
  • Lung cancer, breathing disorders
  • Seizures, stroke, brain damage
  • Change in appetite, sleeping patterns
  • Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction

Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction

Drugs are responsible for the psychological effects that often arise from the fact that a person is addicted. Usually these substances are administered to cope up with stress or pain a person is suffering from, but one may become used to and feel the need to take the drug every time he feels stressed. One of the psychological effects that is related to addiction is craving in which a person can’t handle his life without consuming drug.

Some of the psychological effects of drug addiction include:

  • Depression, anxiety, mood swings, violence
  • Decrease in pleasure and happiness
  • Complication of mental illness
  • Desire to engage in risks

Now that you are known to some of the health risks involved with drugs, stop their addiction at once. If you or any of your family member is addicted to drugs, get them treated from Toronto drug addiction recovery center.


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