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Private Addiction Treatment Centres vs. Government Funded: Which is Better?

As mounting research continues to shed light on the complexity of substance use disorders, society has outgrown the notion that it’s a mere habit one needs to walk away from with sheer willpower. Instead, there is now a growing awareness that addiction is a chronic brain disease that’s plaguing millions of people worldwide. Now, more than ever, the critical importance of holistic treatment approaches is in the foreground.

When an individual decides to get help, there is usually a discussion between choosing a private addiction treatment centre and a government rehab centre. While both routes can potentially pave the way to a successful addiction recovery, there are some hindrances that could get in the way. Here we’ll compare both private and government addiction treatment:

Government Addiction Treatment

Federally-funded rehab centres are designed to provide affordable treatment options, including medical detox, counselling and vocational training. Government addiction treatment facilities are intended for individuals who wish to overcome alcoholism or substance abuse but have little to no sufficient financial resources to pay for medical insurance or sign up for a private addiction treatment centre.

Despite its promises of healing at virtually no cost for clients, opting for a government addiction treatment facility has its limitations and is not always a viable option for everyone.

The Long Waiting List

Perhaps the biggest issue with public rehab centres is the long waitlist. For instance, in Canada, government rehab centres have an average wait time of anywhere from 14 to 60 days, and it’s getting worse every year. There are no guarantees that you will get in. Families find themselves calling daily in hopes that a spot has suddenly come up because someone has graduated or quit the program.

Due to the lack of funding, most government addiction treatment facilities operate at a limited bed capacity. While they are open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents, priority is mostly given for children under the age of 19, youth offenders in the justice system and indigenous people from First Nations communities.

Waiting may seem like a small price to pay in exchange for access to free addiction treatment, but in reality, it can mean life or death for someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. There are countless heartbreaking stories of individuals who have died from a drug overdose while desperately waiting for a spot in government rehab centres. 

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What to Expect in a Public Rehab Centre

The majority of federally-funded rehab centres implement a standard 21-day treatment program for all patients. Oftentimes, they lack the necessary resources to customize their treatment approaches according to an individual’s health condition, personal or cultural background, gender or sexual orientation.

Due to scarce funding, government addiction treatment facilities not only have a limited bed capacity but frequently encounter challenges with a healthy client to counsellor ratio. Long-term support to help clients transition into society is rarely, if ever, offered. In the event of relapse, they cannot just be readmitted to the treatment facility but would have to go on a waiting list again.

Private Addiction Treatment Centres

Addiction is a devastating disease that can be painful not only for the individual abusing alcohol or illicit drugs but for the family and friends who feel just as broken and helpless watching their loved one succumb to substance abuse and slowly become a stranger. Time is of the essence when dealing with alcoholism and addiction. The sooner they can get medical professional help and support, the better.

Freedom From Addiction is a private addiction treatment centre. We are one of Canada’s leading and most innovative alcoholism and drug recovery homes. If you are considering a drug addiction recovery centre in Aurora for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to analyze the facts on how a private addiction treatment centre like us can make a huge difference in your road to recovery.

Hassle-Free Admission

When addicts agree to seek or accept help through means of an intervention, it is essential that a treatment program is readily available before they have second thoughts and change their minds. Private addiction treatment centres are well-equipped and offer sufficient beds to accommodate clients within days of initial inquiry.

Holistic and Personalized Treatment Approaches

Freedom From Addiction recognizes that different individuals have different stories and experiences that may have prompted them to cope unhealthily by abusing alcohol or drugs. To get to the root cause of addiction, we take on integrative therapies and customize each treatment plan based on a person’s unique needs.

Aside from our core program of medically-supervised drug and alcohol detox, we also offer:

We also have the necessary facilities and medical manpower to admit clients who have co-occurring mental health disorders and need dual-diagnosis treatment.

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Continuing Care and Relapse Prevention

Recovering from addiction is a continuous work in progress. The work isn’t over when an addict completes an addiction treatment program. To empower them to confidently transition into society while successfully maintaining their sobriety, Freedom From Addiction offers a 12-month Aftercare Program, which aims to provide ongoing emotional and social support as they gradually get their life back without alcohol or drugs in the picture.

A Healthy Environment for Rest and Healing

Unlike government addiction treatment facilities, private addiction treatment centres have full control over the kind of environment that’s best for their clients.

Freedom From Addiction is a drug addiction recovery centre in the Aurora-King City area, just north of Toronto. We offer a comprehensive list of amenities and are located in a peaceful and calming setting that encourages and promotes relaxation on their healing journey. We have a fully furnished gym, a detox centre, a full kitchen and gourmet chef, a well-fitted entertainment area and beautifully tranquil spaces for meeting, counselling and productivity.

For more information about our private addiction treatment centre and the programs we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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