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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Relapse After Addiction Treatment? What To Do

Relapse is a chronic condition. Even if you think you have overcome your addiction successfully, there’s always the possibility of relapse. The chances of relapse vary based on the substance involved. According to rehab facilities in Toronto, for alcoholics that relapse rate ranges from 30 to 70 percent. In some cases, the recovering addicts suffer from some underlying psychological disorders that enhance the chances of relapse.

The factors that contribute to drug relapse include:

  • Social pressures
  • Easy access to drugs or alcohol
  • Stressful surroundings – at home or workplace

What Happen If I Relapse

If you relapse, it doesn’t mean that the treatment program was a failure, it means that you haven’t recovered completely yet. You might be ashamed or embarrassed of the thing that you are returning to previous habits. But relapse doesn’t mean that you stop seeking help from a professional. Addiction relapse is a common phenomenon and only a professional can evaluate and determine what triggered it. If relapse does happen, take the following steps:

Talk to your counselor

After the completion of your treatment plan, you have been given some contact information. Your counselor can best help you decide your next step. Professionals can help you to design a strong relapse prevention plan.


Just relax and take a deep breathe. If you’ve kept a journal for recovering, just pour your heart out in it and express what your thoughts and frustrations as you refocus.

Start Again

Sometimes, the reason behind a relapse is the program that wasn’t structured based on your specific needs. So, it is good start again with another inpatient program that meets your needs.

Reflect and Learn

Since you have already been a part of an addiction treatment program, you have a clear understanding of what things more likely triggered your relapse. Just be honest to yourself and make sure you try to avoid your triggers.

Remember, relapse is common so don’t think that someone would judge you if you return to an inpatient facility again after treatment. Relapse can happen to anyone recovering from an addiction. You need an effective program and management of addiction to avoid relapse. If relapse does happen, don’t lose your hope rather consider that as a temporary detour on the road to recovery.

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