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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Tips To Find The Best Detox Center

If you are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, you should reach the professional service soon. Professionals can only help you overcome your addiction and live a sober life. When it comes to rehabilitation for an addiction, people look for a detox center that meets their individual and medical needs. You should look for quality recovery centers that give personal attention to every addict. Getting the best detox care is the key to a sober and healthy lifestyle.

What’s Involved in the Detoxification Process?

Detox or detoxification is the process of clearing the body of toxins it has become accustomed to. This is the very first step of treatment, both for inpatient and outpatient levels of care.

For some of the people, it is difficult, but it always have a positive impact on their lives as they learn to overcome their challenges. While for the others, the process of detox can be extremely challenging, both physically and mentally. This happens to those who have been using illicit drugs or drinking large amount of alcohol for years. How hard the detox would be mainly depends on the patient as what form of drug they have been taking and for how long.

Things to Look For in a Detox Center

For anyone looking for a recovery center, finding the right center is utmost important for a pain-free recovery. Make sure the rehab is of high quality and has certified doctors. This is the best way to approach detox. Look for medical and detox experts who have extensive experience in performing detox for the particular substance you are addicted to.

It is also advisable to read the reviews of the treatment center. How did the previous patients feel about treatment? Did they receive the kind of help they required?

Here are a few important questions you should ask yourself as you search for the ideal detox center in Ontario, Canada either for yourself or a loved one:

1. Do they provide personalized detox treatment?

Personalized detox treatment is an especially critical component of helping someone successfully and permanently overcome their substance abuse or addiction problem. The fact is that not every substance abuse or addictions case is identical—although there might be certain similarities from one case to another—and this means that they can’t all be treated the same way. There are countless unique factors involved in every addiction scenario that must be taken into consideration and addressed directly. For instance, one of the main known reasons that people turn to substance abuse as an escape from their daily lives is because they often suffer from untreated and undiagnosed mental disorders or emotional problems. These are issues that can’t be ignored or treated with a grain of salt and must be addressed and analyzed head-on in a professional and confidential setting where the patient feels comfortable enough to disclose even the most private information. It’s important to keep in mind that detoxification is an extensive and invasive process with numerous facets involved. It affects everyone differently on a physical, mental, emotional, and psychological level, which is why you need to find a program that’ll suit your personal needs.

2. Are they a licensed, certified, and accredited center?

Make sure that whatever rehab program you’re considering enrolling boasts that every staff member is fully licensed and certified in their respective fields, right down to the administrative staff. This will help to ensure that they all have the proper training, skills, and experience to guide you through the intense detoxification process. The clinic itself should be accredited by a recognized accreditation agency in Canada. Freedom From Addiction can proudly say that we’re one of the few fully licensed and accredited private rehabilitation centers in Ontario.

3. How much does detoxification cost and will insurance cover it?

There’s no blanket cost that can be applied to all rehab and detoxification programs because there are a few unique mitigating factors that can determine the bottom line. It depends on the gravity of your addiction, the length of the detoxification process required, as well as the type of substances to which you’re addicted. Keep in mind that all of these factors affect each person differently and this will also determine the outcome of the treatment itself. The good news is that most rehab programs including detoxification are in fact covered by insurance companies in Ontario. However, you should always contact your insurance company before making the financial commitment.

4. Does the facility provide alternative rehab therapy?

This is another consideration that goes hand in hand with receiving personalized rehabilitation and detoxification. Ask the facility directly if they offer any alternative or holistic healing programs that can help you ensure the success of your treatment. For some people, these alternative methods can make a very big and positive impact on their overall treatment and that’s why it’s essential that rehab facilities work to accommodate all of their patients accordingly.

5. Are professionals available 24/7?

The reality is that when you’re going through a detoxification program, you need to be reassured that the people caring for you are available whenever you need them, day or night. This type of treatment can be very unpredictable and it takes a huge emotional and physical toll. The clinic that you choose to enroll either your loved one or yourself in should provide constant, round-the-clock services and readily available resources to ensure the safety, sanity, and physical well-being of their patients.

6. How much involvement will your family have in your treatment?

The extent of your family’s involvement in your substance abuse, addiction, or detoxification treatment should be entirely up to you as the patient. It depends on how close you are with your family members and whether or not you think that their presence in your life will actually work toward benefiting your recovery. Some patients find the presence of familiar faces comforting throughout every step of the process, while others prefer to distance themselves from relatives and friends as they can often have negative triggering affects that hinder their treatment. As mentioned, each case is completely unique in its own right and it’s the prerogative of individual patients whether they want to continue their relationships with certain people. This is something that your rehab center should respect in order to keep the best interest of the patient in focus.

7. What’s the atmosphere like at the rehab center?

The best way to determine whether a specific rehab center is appropriate for you and that it fulfills your needs is to visit the facility in person before enrolling. This will give you the incomparable opportunity to gain a firsthand experience of what the clinic is like on a daily basis. Site visits usually also include a full tour of the facilities so that you can gain a sense of how the patients live their day-to-day lives, what types of meals they eat, how often they dine, as well as what types of treatment programs the clinic offers. If you’re able, take the time to personally interview a few of the patients and ask them about their experiences working through various programs and especially the specific program that you’re considering for yourself or a loved one. In doing so, you’ll be able to get an accurate depiction of what the program is all about and whether it’s capable of helping you accomplish your long-term and arduous goal of becoming sober. As a cautionary note, always be suspicious of clinics that refer to themselves as the “best detox center” as this is typically a marketing ploy to lure more patients.

If you want to know more about how to recover from your addiction or looking for professional help, contact our professionals at Freedom From Addiction. We offer excellent level of care, guidance and aftercare to our clients to help them achieve sobriety. Call us to get started on your path to recovery right away.


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