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Kill Your Drug Addiction Before It Kills You

Tips to Manage your Drug Taking Impulse

Having a drug addiction can make you feel as if there is no hope. But there are so many effective ways to deal with drug addiction especially substance abuse. You may find it an uphill task to recover from addiction but it is not insurmountable. Nowdays there are many effective ways to get rid of drug abuse. Will power is the main source which will help you get rid of drugs followed by other factors.

During a recovery session, triggers and cravings occur commonly. You may have to confront triggers in the form of addicted people, and subsequent emotions or events that will make you want to drink or get high again. What do you think you can do in such situations? Here are some tips.

  • Identify your Triggers through Introspection

Individual differences are always there, so every one is different from each other. Therefore, recovering addict’s set of triggers will also be different as well. Some common triggers are walking by a bar, seeing someone who is drunk or high, getting paid, the end of a backbreaking workday or week, and involving into an argument with someone, and being bored. These can lead to relapse.

  • Practice your trigger plan

Role playing is another good way which you can practice with yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself what will you do when you feel like using drugs again? So, try playing a role where you go back into drug abuse and consider that situation. It will help you tackle the current situation in a much better way.

  • Know What you are Working Upon

As it is already mentioned that triggers and cravings are a very real part of recovery. Do not make attempts to fool yourself by thinking that they will not happen to you. Rather make an effort to know about your triggers, keep yourself open to anything that may surprise you, and be ready with the blueprint of plan in case you feel yourself being triggered.

  • Self Care is the Best Care

If you are having a good sleep and a healthy diet, having proper exercise, and remain conscious about your emotions, you have more tendency to handle the triggers more easily. You may be acquainted with acronym H.A.L.T. which means Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. These four things are considered to be the main source of semi-lapses and full-relapses. Out of these four anger and lonely can be a bit harder to manage. To handle these, try to call up your friend or sponsor and have a talk about it.

Also do not ever try to test yourself. Suppose if you already know that walking by a bar is a source of trigger for you then do not deliberately walk by a bar to test yourself if your recovery is as strong as you believe it to be. Maybe that time you are able to avoid going into the bar. But trigger is already planted deep within.

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