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Top Five Lies That Every Addicts Tell Themselves

Everyone knows that alcohol consumption is injurious to health. Nevertheless, people like to drink alcohol. Taking alcohol occasionally is good, but make it your habit and drink on a daily basis can ruin you and your family member’s life. Different people have different opinions regarding its consumption. But at the end, you will get the result which is a very dangerous for you and your loved ones.

When you try to someone who is addicted very badly, you may face one common problem and that is a lie. Most of the alcoholics tell you various lies about their bad habit. Here are these some common lies that every alcoholic try to tell everyone and also try to hide its bad habit.

  • He or she is under stress

This one is the most common lie that every alcoholic used in his life. It is a very common thing that every person has problems in their own life, but it does not mean every start to drink. Stress or problem is just an excuse to drink. Drinking on a regular basis makes things more complicated. You can get relief for some times, but not for permanently. To remove your stress or sort out your problem, you need to face the situation not to drink.

  • His or her addiction does not affect anyone

An alcoholic is thinking that he does not affect anyone by his bad habit. May be he is not direct affect their family member’s life, but indirectly all the persons who are attached to him, get affected.

  • He or she only drinks on weekends

Blind drinking is a common form of alcoholism. You may have heard from various alcoholics that they only drinks on weekends with friends. But this is not a 100% truth. Only a few are just drink on weekends, otherwise most of people lie to hide their drinking habit.

  • He cannot drink in the morning, so he is not an alcoholic

It is just same as above point and also a very old myth. Time does not matter. When you drink, whether it is early morning, afternoon or late night, it will affect your health and also give an invitation to various diseases like Cancer, heart diseases, liver diseases and many more.

  • He or she only drink beer and wine

It does not matter which stuff you used to drink. Most of the alcoholics use this myth to continue drinking. Taking a little shot of beer sometimes is not bad for your health, but if you drink full bottle of beer every night, it is very dangerous for your health. Drinking stuff is not important, how you drink is the main fact.

Are you telling these lies with yourself or with your family members? Is there any of your friend or family member who addicted to drink? If so, we are here to help you. Get in touch with us at Freedom From Addiction.


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